stop playing the victim


Stop Being a Victim Change How You Think and Take Charge of Your Life

It’s dangerous to think like a victim. It’s a way of thinking that makes you feel helpless, negative, and like you can’t change anything. Even though everyone has problems, staying in this way of thinking stops you from growing and being happy. There are things you can do to stop playing the victim, to break free and become more powerful.

Change the Way You Think: From Blaming To Taking Responsibility

Realizing that you are in charge of your life is the first step. Even if outside forces affect your situation, you still have the power to choose how to react. Focus on what you can change: your thoughts, actions, and emotions. Don’t blame other people or dwell on the past.

Think about it this way: “I can’t get a job because the economy is bad,” but “I can improve my skills and actively seek out opportunities.” This change in perspective gives you the power to act and make things better.

Fight against Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is a common sign of a victim mind-set. Some people constantly say negative things to themselves, like “I can’t” or “It’s not fair.” Pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself and do something to change these bad thoughts. Change them out for statements that focus on your skills and abilities.

Say something like, “I’m learning and growing, and I can reach my goals,” instead of “I’m a failure.” This kind of positive self-talk can have a big effect on your mood and help you believe in yourself.

Pay Attention to Answers, Not Issues

Thinking about problems over and over again makes you feel even more useless. Instead, turn your attention to getting answers. When you’re having a problem, ask yourself, “What can I do about this?” and then start to think of possible answers. Taking action, even if it’s just a few steps, can give you strength and help you stop being a victim.

Learn To Be Thankful

Being thankful can make a big difference in how you see things. Every day, take some time to enjoy the good things in your life, no matter how big or small they are. Being grateful for your health, your relationships, or even a beautiful sunset can help you do this. Being thankful makes you happy and lessens your desire to only think about bad things.


It is important to keep in mind that overcoming the victim mentality is a process rather than an end result. Along the journey, there will be a number of issues and things that will not go as planned. On the other hand, if you continue to engage in these activities and focus on your own development, you will be able to equip yourself with the resources you require to make your life more productive and pleasant.

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