Monkeypox and The Human Body

In the 1980s, modern medicine achieved the unthinkable. It was the eradication of smallpox by an intensive global vaccination program. However, this victory was short-lived due to the emergence of Monkeypox. These two viruses come from the same family of Poxviridae viruses. Since experts have been studying smallpox prior to the Monkeypox outbreak, solid understanding of how these viruses work has been established. Medical professionals now know what to expect out of this infectious disease. Though, there are some stark differences and significant similarities between the two. Particularly regarding which organs and systems of the body are affected by Monkeyvirus that makes it unique compared to smallpox.

Monkeypox infection pattern

To understand the organs targeted by Monkeypox virus, it is crucial for us to know its pattern of infection. This involves looking at the incubation, prodrome, infectious, recovery or latent period if any. These stages in the disease will give an idea of which organs that are commonly affected. Especially when Monkeypox has a mortality rate of 10%.

  • Incubation period

It is a period that starts from the first day an individual is infected with the virus. At this stage, the patient is not infectious and asymptomatic. Therefore, there are no clear organs or systems in the human body targeted. The average incubation period for Monkeypox is 7-14 days but there are instances where it can range from 5-21days of incubation.

  • Prodrome period

Once the incubation stage ends, the infection has established its presence in the body. Initial group of symptoms will be reported by patients, hence called the prodrome state. The symptoms include:

  • Myalgia
  • Lethargy
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes

Based on the prodrome symptoms listed above, the lymphatic system of the body is one of the targets for Monkeypox virus. Onset of lymphadenopathy is a stark difference compared to smallpox, which does not involve lymph nodes swelling. It has been recorded that the lymph will swell with fever or 1-2 days prior to any rash appearance.

Symptoms of cough and sore throat also suggest that the virus is able to affect the respiratory system. Though research suggests, the evidence of respiratory involvement is mainly due to route of transmission via respiratory droplets. Unlike Tuberculosis or Influenza, this virus did not have a predominance towards the lungs. During this state, some patients may already begin to be infectious.

  • Infectious period

Afterwards, comes the infectious state of the disease. Akin to smallpox, patients usually become infectious when the rash starts to appear as the Poxviridae will always affect the skin. Appearance of the rash usually starts from the face, trunk and disseminates to the limbs. Initially presented as macules, it then raised and became more papule-like. The papular rash then filled with clear fluid, forming vesicles, ultimately those fluids become pustular and form pustules. By 14 day, pustules are usually scabbed or crusted over. During this state, the patient is most infectious. Even if a healthy individual has contact with a patient’s cloth or bed linen, they can also be infected with Monkeypox virus.

This is also the phase where some infections can develop complications. Usually among children. The complications often have extracutaneous manifestations, affecting organs outside of the skin. These complications involves:

  • Soft tissues infections underneath the skin
  • Eyes, which can cause permanent visual loss
  • Lungs, causing pneumonitis
  • Brain, leading to brain infection known as encephalitis
  • Sepsis
  • Resolution or Latent Infection period

Luckily, the disease is self-limiting. Meaning that the disease often runs its course and mostly resolves when the rash is gone. There is also no evidence of latent infection in previously infected individuals.


The severe complications that can come from Monkeypox infection is not something to be taken lightly. Since, there is still no definitive cure for the virus, prevention is the best approach.

It’s advisable to take Covid 19 Vaccine.

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How do chiropractic adjustments work?

How do chiropractic adjustments work? Chiropractors, or doctors who practice the method of treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders by the use of spinal manipulation and other treatments have been doing so for centuries. In fact, this treatment is often referred to as the art of chiropractic because chiropractors seek to manipulate the spine to relieve pain, stress, and other ailments.

The basic technique involves the manual correction of misaligned vertebrae and soft tissue along with the application of controlled force into those joints. It is a non-surgical technique that does not require anesthetics or surgery. If your spine feels strained, there are several things you can do to help correct it. First, if you find that you are moving too much in any direction when you rotate your body, you should correct that. For example, if your shoulder joint feels too tight when you turn your shoulder forward, you should try to pull on the side of the shoulder that is affected and rotate the shoulder back into place.

Next, your chiropractor may apply spinal manipulation to help correct spinal abnormalities and realign the joints in the spine. These realignments are not always immediately evident, but over time they will make a positive difference in how your body moves. Chiropractic adjustments will also help to reduce low back pain and tension that is common among people who suffer from this condition. Low back pain can affect your ability to function properly in your daily life, so chiropractic adjustments can be an important part of your regimen.

The basic idea of how do chiropractic adjustments work is that the spine is not functioning properly due to an unhealthy nervous system. This unhealthy nervous system can result in different ailments, including pain, numbness, and even weakness in the body. When the spine is corrected, the nervous system will become more balanced and the body will start to heal itself naturally. Chiropractors know that healing the spine will help the entire body to become better functioning and will encourage your health to increase as your nervous system becomes more balanced.

In order for chiropractic adjustments to have the most effect, you must first consult with your doctor. Your chiropractor will examine your spine and its alignment and will begin with spinal manipulation techniques. Once your spine has been manipulated, your doctor will move to applying chiropractic adjustments. You may feel some pressure in your shoulders or low back while your chiropractor is performing these adjustments, but after a while your body will start to heal itself without the use of massage. By this point, your body will be able to move without feeling soreness or pain.

After your chiropractor has finished the adjustments, he or she may recommend that you take a cold shower. The cold water that you are bathed in will relax your muscles, which will make the popping and cracking noise less noticeable. Chiropractors believe that the popping and cracking sound is an attempt by your nervous system to signal that the treatments have begun. This relaxation, which can last up to an hour, will make it easier for your body to get back into shape.

When to discontinue chiropractic?

when to discontinue chiropractic

When to discontinue chiropractic treatment There are a variety of different reasons that people seek the services of a chiropractor. While there are several positive benefits to this type of medical care, there are also some things that you should know if you’re thinking about trying out this type of therapy. If you are thinking about discontinuing your chiropractor’s services, here are some of the main reasons why you may want to think about doing so. Keep in mind that there are likely other reasons that you might have as well, and these are just two of them.

  • Increased Pain – Even though most people tend to think of spinal manipulations when they hear about chiropractors, pain can be caused by other types of treatments. This is why you should be sure that you find a good chiropractor who is capable of providing spinal manipulation as well as other treatments. Some people experience jaw pain or neck pain after regular manipulations. This is because the chiropractor was unable to reach specific problems within those areas. If you experience pain from any other treatment besides chiropractic, then it’s probably a good idea to find another therapist.
  • Increased Back Pain – Spinal manipulation is great for relieving neck pain and other body aches. However, when it comes to back pain, you should be careful about trying too much. If you get a little bit of extra work, your chiropractor may be able to help with lower back pain as well. However, this is usually a good sign that you should stick with a chiropractor who works on only upper back issues.
  • Misaligned Teeth – This is probably the most common reason why people discontinue their chiropractic care. In some cases, teeth alignment isn’t as much of an issue as the actual joints being misaligned. However, if you have misaligned teeth, then you should definitely talk to your doctor about seeing if there is something you can do about it. Many times, removing the problem by yourself can solve the problem. Your chiropractor can usually recommend braces or some other type of corrective action.

If you are in poor health and feel that chiropractic is too risky for your health, then you need to learn more about what to expect from your chiropractor. Many chiropractors will not perform chiropractic care for children. They feel that too many young patients are not likely to be educated on the dangers of chiropractic care. You need to make sure that you discuss this with your chiropractor before you decide to discontinue chiropractic.

These are just a few of the reasons why a person might want to discontinue their chiropractic treatment plan. For most patients, however, these reasons are not enough to stop the treatment. It’s important to make sure that you get regular medical care, such as x-rays, before you discontinue your chiropractic treatment. And if there are any problems that you are having, make sure that your chiropractor knows about them and works to resolve them.

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5 Reasons You SHOULD get Scalp Micro pigmentation


Hair loss, or alopecia, is a common condition that millions of people around the world face. There are many treatments that target this condition and one of the most common is scalp micropigmentation. In this article, we are going to discuss the various benefits of scalp micropigmentation and the results of the hair loss treatment process.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a process that uses detailed microneedles to deposit pigment on the scalp. thicker hair with the appearance of tiny hair follicles. Baldness is relatively dominant in the U.S.A; Studies show that one infive Americans will experience some type of hair loss, including receding hairline, male pattern baldness, thinning hair, and alopecia.

Benefits of scalpmicropigmentation

Aside from being the only 100% safe and reliable hair treatment, there are other benefits of scalp micropigmentation, here are ten more:

  1. Long-term use

Hair loss solutions and treatments such as transplants require follow-up appointments within 46 months to keep the hair follicles in good condition. Hairmicropigmentation, on the other hand, can be used for up to 3 years + without inspection and little maintenance. The treated scalp only needs restorative pigmentation when the pigment begins to fade.

2.Noadditional maintenance required

Scalp micropigmentationuses ink to create the illusion of hair follicle thickness, but does not represent the actual use of “real” hair. Since there is no real hair on the scalp, SMP does not require a special maintenance procedure don’t buy expensive hair creams or extra hair.

The entire pigmented area of ​​the scalp needs to be washed well and, if you prefer, a little wax to add shine.

3.Backup and loaded

Treatment for hair loss is generally frowned upon and avoided by many people for fear of chemicals, surgery, and their possible side effects. No chemicals are used in scalp micropigmentation.

All that is needed for pigmentation is an electric tattoo needle and a mild anesthetic to avoid infection and reduce pain when embroidering.

4. economic

scalp micropigmentation cost is relatively low as it does not require surgery or surgical equipment. This means that fewer specialists are required for micropigmentation of the scalp. It is also significantly cheaper than a hair transplant, which requires additional medication and care products for the immune system and the scalp. After scalp pigmentation, there is usually no need for follow-up care, except in rare cases where the pigment is removed prematurely.

  1. Minimal Invasion

The micro pigmentation process is sometimes called scalp acupuncture. This is because the process does not break the skin; Instead, it works by seamlessly integrating pigmentation into skin tone using tiny needles. High-level software and instruments help make the procedure as quick and painless as possible, with noor no discomfort.


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Does Family Size Impact your Health Insurance Cost?

There is no better feeling than seeing your loved ones being hale and hearty, right? At the same time, you may be worried about their well-being as the number of lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to hectic lifestyles.

The expenses arising from hospitalisation can be hard to deal with, especially if you don’t have a sufficient financial back-up. There is always a risk that you may use up all your hard-earned savings for the treatment. This is where a health insurance plan plays an important role.

Buying a health insurance policy for your family members could be the most valuable gift you can give them. As the healthcare cost is slowly rising, having robust health insurance is vital. But, instead of buying a policy for each member, you can cover all the family members under a single policy by choosing a family health insurance policy.

How does family health insurance work?

Family health insurance, which is commonly referred to as a family floater plan provides financial protection against the medical expenses. When any of the family members who are covered under the policy gets hospitalised, you can provide them the best treatment facility to them without worrying about the cost.

Each of the family members can use the coverage up to the sum insured limit and everyone can share it equally.

Let us understand working family health insurance with an example.

Let us assume you have purchased a family health insurance plan with a sum insured of Rs. 5 lakhs. Now, if anyone who is covered under the policy is hospitalised, they can use the entire amount. But, if the treatment costs less than Rs. 5 lakhs, then the remaining amount can be used by other family members when the need arises.

However, if the entire sum insured is used for the treatment, then others won’t have any coverage to use, and you must bear the expenses from your pocket. And, in the event of the insured member’s demise, the other members can continue to sum insured.

Does the family size affect the health insurance cost?

The family size does not necessarily mean that you will incur higher medical expenses. For example, if you have a family of four members and everyone is healthy and didn’t require hospitalisation in a year, then your annual medical expenses would obviously be less than a couple who needed hospitalisation twice in the same period.

However, the family size does have an impact on the health insurance cost. The insurance company determines the premium for the family health plan based on the number of members covered under the policy. The more the number of family members covered, the higher the premium and vice-versa.

Generally, insurance companies offer customised family health insurance plans that allow you to cover your spouse and your children. However, if you wish to add more members in the same plan, you must pay an extra premium.

Also, another impact factor to know is that the insurance companies determine the premium for a family health insurance based on the age of the oldest family member.

Final Word

The family size does have an impact on the premium cost. However, this must not deter you from giving your family health cover. Compare the different family health insurance plans and choose the one that offers a wide coverage at an affordable premium.

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Cannabis Seeds: How To Harvest And Things To Know


Growing cannabis is something that many people enjoy doing. You can grow them either inside or outside of your home, and there is no need for you to purchase them when it’s easily available at your house. 

It’s so cool, isn’t it? I love growing them at home! It will not just keep you engaged during your free time, but you can utilize it once it’s fully bloomed. 

Remember, cannabis is harvested with the help of a clone or a seed. The seeds are said to contain all the genetic information of the parent plants. 

What’s more? It can also show the various combinations of strains: A bit of mom, a bit of a dad, and sometimes traits from both mom and dad. You get it, right? 

Planting your very own cannabis plants will allow you to obtain fruitful harvests. But it’s only possible if you do it correctly

So, how do you harvest the cannabis seeds correctly? You can find that answer by following the steps that are mentioned below!


How To Harvest Marijuana Seeds?

Harvesting or growing cannabis seeds is that difficult as you think it is. Well, maybe a little. 

If you are growing them for the first time, you will surely need some help to get started. That is why I will be your guide on this matter.

Given below are the steps, which you have to follow to grow these seeds. 


STEP 1: The Marijuana Genetics

Genetics stands out as a fancy word when you have decided to grow cannabis through seeds. I admit the term might also point towards the “marijuana clones,” but using seeds is a good option for a beginner. 

[Small Note: If you are interested in growing your cannabis with clone stock, you can contact a qualified grower to obtain some. I certainly believe there is no law against clone sales within your jurisdiction.]

But the main question is: Which marijuana seeds should you purchase? Well, it will depend on your preferences and grown style. 

You can pick from mestizo, Sativa, and Indica seeds. Otherwise, you can check out the regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and maybe some other combinations available at Just go for the one you like! 

One thing you need to keep in mind when using regular seeds, make sure to separate the males from the females. Otherwise, you will end up getting low-quality and seedy buds with not-so-good taste and smell. 


STEP 2: Marijuana Seeds Germination Process

Germination means sprouting your marijuana seeds before planting them. Even though this is only necessary but doing it will surely ENHANCE your chances of germination.

The most secure way to get it done is by folding the seeds within a paper towel and wait for it for at least a few days. And remember a key point. The paper towel should be moist, not dry

After several days, you will notice that the seeds have popped up as the taproot will emerge from it. This shows you are all set to do some PLANTING work. 

Also, if you are looking forward to a “controlled germination” process, a mini-greenhouse is available that comes with starter pods. It will allow the seeds to begin rooting before transplanting seeds into the grow media. 


STEP 3: You Need Containers, Grow Tents & Grow Media

When you have decided to grow your cannabis seeds, you will find many media types like coco and soil available for the growing work. 

I will personally suggest you opt for the soil, well, because you are BEGINNER!! You are free to use any media according to your needs. 

Just be careful that you do not sacrifice on the media. If you pay extra money for your media, it will surely pay off well in terms of marijuana quality. 

It will also help in avoiding issues such as poor nutrient delivery, pests, and unbalanced pH. You might also require a pot. You can go for one of the 1-gallon pots. 

After adding the media to the pots along with the seeds, you are ready to plant them. Lastly, [this is the most important] you need to choose a place to place your plants.

The balcony of your home or the closet might be excellent areas to place cannabis plants. Otherwise, a grow tent will surely do the trick as it will provide you with a CONTROLLED ECOSYSTEM


STEP 4: The Vegetative Phase And The Grow Lights 

The vegetative stage is an important part. This is the stage where the plants develop the frame, which is compulsory to support the eventual flowers. 

During the vegetative stage, you also have to monitor the sex of the plant. It’s pretty crucial!! You have to identify, remove and eliminate the male plants from the female ones. 

If you have access to the female clones, then this particular step is not required. But if it will be compulsory if you are growing marijuana with seeds. 

As mentioned in STEP 1 of this article, the seeds you will use will influence the amount of attention and care you have to provide. 

When you go for the regular seeds, it will need a light cycle of 18 to 6 light cycles. This means 18 hours to 6 hours of light. 

The plant’s size will help determine the light requirement, and you will find many choices available. I will suggest you the LED lighting because they process less heat and are energy efficient. 

As a grower, you will find many other types of lighting options that will keep the entire temperature down for your growth. 


STEP 5: Place The Buns Right Into The Oven 

Once the plants have grown up, make sure to constantly care and prune them and keep an eye on the signs of fertilization. Remember, when they are pollinated, the seeds will become fully ripen in 4 weeks to 6 weeks. 

Also, you should leave your fertilized flower on the plant that has not yet been fertilized. So, how to know whether the seed is ripe or not? Well, the shade will tell the difference. If the seeds ripen, they will have a tan or a dark brown shade. 

Apart from that, these ripened seeds will also have strips all over them. Also, the seed harvesting process is pretty simple as you just need to dig within the fertilized flower and then pull the seeds out. 


STEP 6: Repeat Again!

When you have successfully harvested your marijuana seeds, repeat the process. Yeah, you heard it right!! Repeat the process of planting them and harvesting them once again. 

Take it easy!! There is nothing to rush or feel nervous about in case you are not fully ready to start the process again. You can freeze up the seeds, and they will surely retain their power to germinate. It will work, I guarantee it


What Part Do The Seeds Play During The Breeding Process?

When you want to obtain the perfect set of strains, you need a controlled production of seeds. As a Breeder, you have to force your cannabis plants to produce pollen.

After that, you have to use that pollen to pollinate other strains, which will help you create CROSS BREEDS of their two cannabis plants. Remember, this particular process is not haphazard like the seeds one your find in poorly-controlled marijuana grows.

Marijuana seed cultivation is an excellent technique, which requires sanitary and environments that are completed sealed to prevent dander from the outside from getting in. 

The plants might continue their vegetative stage when trying to increase their size right before seed production begins. But this is not compulsory.

Once the plants have become big, they are placed within a flowering light cycle. This light cycle is 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. 

Also, in several weeks, the male will produce pollen sacks. These sacks will burst open soon and get transported into the air to pollinate the females. 

After that, the females will produce seeds, which can be used for the breeding process, and harvesting. It can also be sold to the public or the growers.

To conduct the seed production, you will only need 20 females for each male. But a single male has the power to pollinate hundreds of females.


Wrapping Up!

Harvesting cannabis seeds by yourself and then using them for growing your own marijuana plants is an excellent idea. 

It will not just save you money but also help you obtain high-quality marijuana plants. 

This guide will surely provide you with the information you need for seeds harvesting. 

This is ideal for all beginners, and you will be your guide. Go through the article once and then think of the harvesting process. 

Goodluck grower!!

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Skincare Treatments that can Heal Heavily Damaged Skin

Most dermatologists believe that women in their mid-20s or above are suitable candidates to undergo skin treatments. If you’re still very young, but you’re suffering from acne or sun damage, always consult an experienced reputable dermatologist before undergoing any skin correction treatment, no matter if that treatment is a harmless procedure such as a superficial glycolic peeling session.

The requirements of very young skin are very different. So, never listen to anybody else other than a doctor when it comes to skin treatments. And for those ladies who are in their mid-20s or above, the following skin treatments are the most recommended correction procedures.

Microneedling for Acne and Wrinkles

Microneedling, as you might have guessed, involves micro-needles. Dermats insert many micro-needles in the face of the patient to create small micro-wounds. The purpose is to awaken the collagen to start producing healthy new skin cells to replace the wounded damaged ones.

The Clinicare microneedling procedure is taken a notch higher by using the needles to transfer radio-frequency energy inside the skin. This procedure is known as RF microneedling.

The purpose of both microneedling and RF microneedling is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and open pores. It is one of the most effective anti-aging skin treatments that are very safe when done in a controlled environment by doctors.

Chemical Peeling for Acne Marks and Dullness

Glycolic peels, salicylic peels, and other sorts of peels that are usually rich in AHA are used to rejuvenate and heal acne-damaged skin. This procedure is done in three strengths.

  1. The lightest is the superficial peel that helps in removing dead skin, trapped oil, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne spots from the epidermis. You can take one sitting every 15 days, or as advised by your doctor.
  2. The medium peel goes a little beyond the epidermis. It can heal the skin from within by killing bacteria and removing acne scars.
  3. The deep peel is the strongest of the 3. The results are dramatic. The skin takes over a month, even more, to heal and the recovery downtime is high. But, if you have a really badly damaged skin, then this peel can give you back the spotless look you’ve lost to acne.

The bottom line, however, still is to get the treatments done by experienced dermats only. If you’re in Quebec, do reach out to the dermats at skin clinics such as Clinicare for safe skin treatment.

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6 things to do for healthy eyes

We use our eyes to see, perceive the world and be mobile. When we do not take care of our eyes, we not just risk discomfort, but also experience problems in these different domains.

Therefore, it is vital that you pay attention to the health of your eyes. Some helpful tips include:

1. Visit your doctor regularly

In order to stay on top of your eye health, you should get regular eye exams. They help in determining if there are any vision issues. When remedied in time, it can prevent undue duress to your eyes, and life as well.

Thus, be sure to visit the best Eye specialist in Lahore at least once a year. However, a more frequent visit to the doctor is due when there are problems with the eyes, including blurring of vision, itching, swelling, irritation, light flashes, etc.

2. Preventing diseases

Not just eye diseases affect the health of the eyes, but other ailments like diabetes also have a negative impact on the eyes. Diabetes causes glaucoma and optic nerve damage, which can, in eventuality, lead to blindness as well.

However, this issue can be avoided if these diseases are prevented to begin with. By eating healthy, exercising regularly, and paying heed to your mental health, you can also sustain your health and thus, your vision.

For people already suffering from these ailments already, proper disease management can also help in the disease from aggravating to the point of blindness.

3. Wear sunglasses

Not just your skin is damaged by exposure to sunlight, but your eyes suffer as well. Ultraviolet radiation leads to an increase in the risk of cataracts. UV also causes yellowed raised spots on the whites of the eyes, as is the case of pingueculas and pterygium.

Similarly, corneal dystrophy and macular denegation are also linked to ultraviolet radiation exposure. The sensitivity is greater in people with light-colored eyes. Not just sunlight, but tanning beds are also sources of UV radiation.

Therefore, alongside avoiding tanning beds, wear sunglasses to protect against the dangerous radiation.

4. Use screens with care

Screen has become ubiquitous, especially since the internet has become the new workspace. Moreover, many people have to use screens for attending classes and meetings, and thus not using screens isn’t an option for everyone.

Excessive use of screens may result in digital eye strain. In this condition, eyes water excessively, you get headaches, strain in the eyes, blurring in the vision, neck and shoulder pain.

Digital eye strain can be remedied by doing regular eye exercises. Try to take breaks between continuous use of screen. Since when we use screens, we forget to blink often, thus make conscious efforts to blink your eyes.

Using anti-glare filters on the screen is also helpful. Likewise, be sure to place the screen in the line of sight, as to avoid pain from poor posture.

5. Be safe

It is vital that you wear safety equipment like eye goggles if there are hazards around you. Pieces can fly into the eyes, and thus lead to injury. It is especially crucial for athletes, carpenters, construction workers, etc. to wear protective paraphernalia when at work.

6. Wear correct glasses and or lenses

You may not realize that your eyesight has gotten worse unless the difference is significant. Some people may also feel lazy about getting a new prescription. In either case, not using the correct lens will lead to problems otherwise.

Alongside digital eye strain, it may also lead to headaches. This source of discomfort can be mitigated by visiting your Eye specialist in Karachi, and ensuring that the correct lens is being used.

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Atopic eczema and food allergy

The onset of atopic eczema symptoms usually occurs in one area but quickly spreads to other areas when the patients consume certain foods. Atopic eczema is often associated with allergic conditions, including asthma, hay fever, and food‐related adverse reactions. Atopic eczema flares are accelerated by many factors such as emotional stress, sweating, cold weather, urticarial foods (milk and eggs), infection, topical allergens (topical steroids), and physical irritants.

Food items that can flare up atopic dermatitis

(1) Eggs – Atopic eczema patients are often allergic to eggs, especially egg whites. An egg allergy can severely impact the quality of life.

(2) Chocolate – This food item can trigger eczema attacks in atopic eczema patients. Atopic eczema patients are susceptible to refined sugar in chocolate, which aggravates eczema symptoms. Eczema is often precipitated by chocolates and other sweets.

(3) Wheat – Wheat contains gluten which might trigger an antibody reaction from the immune system, causing inflammation.

(4) Corn – If you are sensitive to corn, it might aggravate atopic eczema symptoms. This is because corn contains IgE binding proteins which cause an allergic reaction in the body shortly after consumption.

Other common foods that can cause food allergy and atopic eczema flare-ups are:

  • Peanuts
  • Soybeans and their derivatives, Tree nuts such as almonds, walnuts, or cashews.
  • Some vegetables like tomatoes or potatoes.
  • Some fruits like peaches or watermelons.

The relationship between atopic eczema and food allergies is multifactorial. Atopic eczema patients act as a barometer for food allergies because atopic eczema flare-ups may occur when they eat the foods they are allergic to.

Symptoms of food allergy:

Food allergy is the most common cause of recurrent hives (urticaria). Hives are raised and itchy bumps that may be pale or red. The swelling can vary from a few millimeters to several centimeters and appear almost anywhere on your body.

Food allergies can also lead to problems like vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach cramps after eating food, nasal congestion, runny nose, and wheezing.

Food allergies can trigger anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction that affects your breathing and blood pressure levels and causes swelling around your mouth and tongue.

Food allergies can also lead to more serious allergic reactions, such as a severe respiratory problem called angioedema, which causes swelling around the eyes, face, and limbs that may make it hard to breathe or swallow.

If you are diagnosed with a food allergy, your doctor will ask about your symptoms and medical history and perform tests to identify the foods affecting you. Tests include skin prick tests or blood tests for specific IgE antibodies.

How can homeopathic medicine help in food allergies and atopic dermatitis?

Homeopathy offers an excellent treatment for atopic eczema as well as food allergies. Homeopathic doctors prescribe medicines for atopic eczema only after a detailed analysis of each case individually.

The homeopathic medicine prescribed by the doctor starts acting at deeper levels inside the body. Homeopathic treatment for atopic eczema gives long-lasting results.

Always visit a registered homeopath for atopic eczema treatment. Atopic eczema patients may need to combine homeopathic treatment along with a diet that can help with eczema symptoms.

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Some of the Benefits of Popular Korean Massage

In this busy and tech-savvy world many people are stressed. Our bodies can easily become stressed if too much brain activity is done or physical movements. For instance, it is strange but true that using too much of a computer or mobile phone can also make our bodies stressed. Therefore, to relax your body and mind, one should always switch to massage. Business trip massage has become popular these days and many businesspersons take these services. The reason for taking the massage services is to stay fit and healthy and have a relaxed body that can focus better on work. You can imagine if you have a body with tensed muscles, you will have a lot of discomforts to sit and work in front of the system in the office or attend any meeting, etc. 

How Can Your Body Become Unhealthy – 

So, in order to keep your body calm and relaxed, it is very important to take a good 목포출장안마 (Mokpo business trip massage). Life has become hectic these days for many people. Most people have a robotic life i.e. get up in the morning-take breakfast-go to the office early-come back late-eat and sleep. There are fewer physical movements and most of the time people have to sit in one position in front of the system and work for long hours. This all can result in bad health. Therefore, getting a good massage from an expert masseur is very important as it helps in the circulation of the blood. 

Why Massage is So Popular? 

There are many reasons why massage is so popular in Korea. Firstly, it benefits health; secondly, it helps in the proper blood circulation in the body. Thirdly, it helps in the proper movements of the nerves aligning with the proper flow of blood or circulation; this, in turn, relaxes the muscles in the body. (But make sure that you choose an expert masseur and not an unprofessional, because if the wrong massage is done then it can even harm your body or muscles, you can even feel pain). Fourthly, the skin also glows and Fifth, it helps in relieving your body from any kind of bodily aches and pain due to stiffness. 

For Stiff Nape and Body – 

If you are the kind of person who is having a stiff body or nape and most of the time suffer from aches, then it is suggested for you to take a massage. Apart from that, the masseurs that you will hire are also experienced and expert and they have very clean hands with no nails, and they sanitize their hands before they give the massage. So, business trip massage is mostly a hygienic service. Before choosing any kind of business, trip massage makes sure to check the authenticity of the sites and the business. There are many spurious sites also. Plus, the cost of the massage is an affordable one. Since it’s a business trip massage and there are many businessmen who take this service, the service provider makes sure to keep the cost-friendly. Different types of massage are available, so you can choose according to your need. 

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Various Ways to Test Bad Seeds and How to Choose Good Seeds

According to estimates, it was found that the use of marijuana has increased by ten times over the last 25 years. This number has increased due to legalizing recreational and medicinal weed here in the USA and in other countries. No wonder that many people have tasted success as new-age entrepreneurs with their own cannabis cultivation setup.

Many people are getting more and more aware of various types of marijuana products and are consuming vast types of products.

But how to grow high-quality buds? If your inner weed farmer is tingling with excitement at the prospect of growing blockbuster harvests, then let us tell you – it all starts with the seed.

You can grow good weed plants by properly choosing the right seed and taking good care of the plant.

If you are new to the marijuana world, you must understand that the seed is the most important part of getting high-quality plants and a pleasant experience. Before you even see your plant, some plant quality is determined by how well-treated the seed is.

Therefore, you must purchase the seeds from a reputable seed company. Sometimes while purchasing, you may end up with bad quality seeds, which will cause you some problems down the lane.

Hence, we have compiled this article today to help you spot bad seeds. We have also mentioned various tests to help you test bad seeds and how to choose good seeds.

Which seeds qualify as bad seeds?

When we say bad seeds, it does not necessarily mean damaged or spoiled. There are dud seeds that never sprout, thereby causing you to waste your time and resources on a seed that is not good.

Another type of bad seed is a male plant. The reason male plants are called bad is that they cannot be used for consumption. The male plants pollinate the female plants in their surroundings. This reduces the THC level in female plants.

People get male plants when they buy regular seeds. There is always a 50/50 chance that the plants from regular seeds will be male plants.

How do the seeds become bad?

You must store the weed seeds in a dark and cold place to ensure they survive for long. If the seeds are not stored in ideal conditions, there are chances the seed might go bad.

When you get your seeds, store them in a dark container away from light sources, at a proper height above the ground level.

The humidity of the seeds should be around 8% to 10% if you plan on storing them for a long duration. If not, then the ideal humidity is around 21% to 30%. The lower the temperature where you store the seeds, the lesser are the chances of the seeds germinating unexpectedly.

Various procedures to test bad seeds

To ensure your efforts and resources are not wasted, it is always advised to test the seeds before they germinate. The good thing is that you don’t need to be an Einstein to test the seeds for their quality. To find out which seeds are good and which seeds have gone bad, you can conduct several tests. We have explained various tests in detail.

1- Look at the seeds

Sometimes you can understand whether the seeds are good or bad simply by looking at them. But to know it correctly, there are some steps to check, and they are as follows-

  1. A good seed will be very dark in color and will have black and grey patches on the seed. If the seed is white, green, or pale, it means that speed is bad or old.
  2. A healthy seed will have a layer of wax coating on the shell. This makes the seed shiny.
  3. A good seed will not have any cracks on the seed. If the seed has racks, then there are chances moisture must have gotten in, and the seed might have gone bad.
  4. A healthy seed will be round and flat in shape. A good round seed will sprout into a healthy plant. Some seeds might have thick shells, but once you water them, they will soften up.
  5. View the seeds closely for any white or dusty powder on the seed. If it has, then it means that the seed has fungus, and such seeds should not be planted.

These visual affirmations will go a long way in determining whether you need to shed your sweat and blood after them.


2- Touch the seeds

Once you have looked at the seed and feel okay, the next step is to touch the seed. But while touching the seed, be careful because you do not want to apply excess pressure.

The seed should be strong and rigid. Only a strong seed will germinate properly. If the seeds are not strong, it is advised to put them in water and look at various other alternatives.

3- Putting the seeds in water

Placing the seeds in water and looking at how they behave can speak volumes about the seeds. Though the water testing method is not only approved for cannabis seeds but other plants seeds as well.

You should only use the water test if you are ready to put the seeds for germination. If you have no plans to germinate them, then do not do the water test.

Place the weed seeds in a glass of water. The water can be warm and not hot. Put the seeds in the water and wait for an hour or two.

Look at the seeds carefully. The weed seeds that sink to the bottom of the glass are good and can be used for germination. The ones that float are bad and should be discarded immediately.

4- Using germination test

There are several ways growers check whether the seeds will germinate or not. The most common method is to directly plant the seeds in the soil and wait for the results.

The other method is using paper towel methods. In this method, you dampen a paper towel, place the seeds, cover the seeds with another paper towel and place them in a container.

Put the container in a dark place and check whether the seeds have sprouted. Once you see the sprouts, using tweezers, transfer them carefully into the soil or the pot. Touching the seeds will also contaminate the seed, and you might not get the desired effect.

How to always choose the good seeds?

Most new and experienced growers also prefer buying feminized seeds. The feminized seeds guaranteed female plants that can be later on used for consumption.

You should buy the seeds from a reputable pharmacy or an online dispensary. Read the product description and try to understand the source before buying. You might occasionally get bad seeds, but you will receive good seeds the majority of the time.

Final thoughts

There is no proper step-wise method that you can follow and differentiate between good and bad seeds. However, you can observe the seeds and then make an informed decision about the seeds. Reduce your chances of getting bad seeds by buying them from a dependable seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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