Dental Emergencies with Children in Indianapolis – What to Do.

When it comes to taking care of dental emergencies with children, you must make sure that you are aware of all the tips and methods to control them immediately. As you know, unfortunate events strike when they are least expected; similarly, your child may also happen to fall while playing and end up getting his tooth chipped or broken. Therefore, if you have children, you must also prepare for the worst by having immediate access to an emergency dentist in Indianapolis

Dental emergencies and what to do:

  • Broken tooth

As you know, children are clumsy and careless; hence, if your child falls in the field or gets into an accident and ends up breaking a tooth, then make sure that you do not panic. First, make sure that you find the tooth and clean it with water. Do not scrub the tooth; rinse it gently under the water and put the tooth back in its place. If that does not seem possible, then store the broken tooth in saliva or milk. Lastly, make a quick appointment with your dentist and let him/her do their job.

  • Chipped tooth

If the tooth is chipped, then help your child first by cleaning his mouth with warm water. You can also go to the scene of an incident where the tooth was chipped and collect whatever fragments you can find. If your child is bleeding too, then after cleaning the injured site, apply a clean cloth on it till the bleeding stops. After collecting the fragments of the tooth, store them in milk or saliva and visit your dental caretaker. Your dentist will make sure to explain to you treatment options.

  • Toothache

Toothaches are pretty common among children, so if your child is facing a toothache, then make your child rinse with salt water for at least 180 seconds for a better experience. You can also apply for alternatives like applying clove on the infected tooth since it can reduce inflammation and ease the pain. If both options are not doing much, then you can give him/her a painkiller for the time being. Since these remedies are for temporary relief, consider making an appointment with your dentist.

  • Lost crowns or fillings

If the crown or filling loses out or breaks, then this can make the child uncomfortable and cause pain. Thus, you can make sure that you let the child rinse salt water for 3 minutes straight for temporary relief. Try fixing the crown by filling it with dental ceramics. Contact your dentist and make an appointment so that the dental issue is addressed.

If your child is going through a dental emergency, consider making an emergency appointment with your dental caretaker.

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