Five Ways to Get High Without Drinking or Drugs

You can still get high even when you are sober. When I first gave up alcohol and drugs, I thought I was committing to a life without pleasure. I resignedly thought, “The party is over.”

But it wasn’t much of a party at that point. I wasn’t using alcohol and drugs to feel good, but to feel nothing at all. I was at a point in my addictions where I needed drugs just to get through the day.

I spent a lot of my early sobriety curled up in bed with a pint of Haagen-Dazs and Netflix. Sugar and television were the only things I knew how to do to get the dopamine rush I needed every day to get away from my emotions. However, a hangover caused by sugar and loneliness is not that different from a hangover caused by alcohol and cocaine. Even though I still occasionally indulge in a pint, I’ve learned how to achieve the same euphoria through healthier activities that don’t leave me feeling drained and exhausted the following day.

1. Dancing

It doesn’t follow that you can’t use marijuana even if you’re sober. I mistakenly believed that when I first gave up drugs and alcohol, I was committing to a life of misery. With a dejected resignation, I thought, “The party is done.”

The party wasn’t much of one at that time, though. In order to feel nothing, not good, I was abusing drink and narcotics. I needed drugs to get through the day because of my addictions at that point.

I stayed in bed with a pint of Haagen-Dazs, Netflix, and me in my early recovery. My only known means of obtaining the daily dopamine surge I had grown reliant upon as a kind of emotional escape were sugar and television.

2. Exercise

Similar to drug use, any form of exercise causes a real dopamine rush in the brain. I like running more than yoga or team sports, yet other people prefer them. I not only get a physical high while running and right thereafter, but I also feel better all day long. Additionally, it’s a fantastic technique to get rid of those sporadic ice cream binges. Additionally, the appearance-only advantages of exercise, such as weight loss, are also quite satisfying.

3. Giving back to others

People who volunteer actually have higher self-esteem and are happier overall, according to studies. Doing good feels nice, whether you’re helping out at a nearby homeless shelter or just calling a buddy to see how they’re doing. It’s simple to overlook this. Humans have a tendency to want to pursue pleasure in more self-centered ways. However, helping someone out produces a longer-lasting emotional high than any medication.

People who volunteer actually have higher self-esteem and are happier overall, according to studies; doing good feels good.

4. Laughter

Even though it may seem obvious, laughter is a terrific natural high. Humor frequently originates from a dark place, and addiction provides plenty of fodder. In 12-step groups, hearing laughing may be immensely reassuring. Hearing about your own experiences from someone else’s perspective is also amusing. I’ve often laughed myself out of breath when sharing stories and experiences with other addicts in recovery. Laughter is empowering because it gives your pain back its power.


Every time you eat particular foods, you’ll feel better and be healthier. However, resist the urge to reach for the sweet donut or the tub of ice cream in the refrigerator as soon as you start to feel depressed. There are numerous delectable, healthy options that will boost your mood and offer you a natural high. Delectable seafood including crabs, salmon, mussels, and oysters are a few examples. Oranges, walnuts, raw honey, dark chocolate, and coconut are also acceptable snacks.


Traveling can be thrilling because it gives you the chance to see other civilizations, delight your senses with cuisine from other cultures, and encounter various artistic mediums. It also gives you the ability to visit amazing historical monuments and locations that might not even exist in your own country. These new places offer surprising and amazing discoveries that make them very unforgettable.

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