Foot and Ankle Health, the Common Problems

Your feet are among the most complex body structures with about 33 joints, 26 bones, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles? The feet support the body’s weight and movements, including walking and running. They perform a vital role in your body and hence require proper care to promote their function and health. Dr. Visoth Chan, a board-certified podiatrist, and the Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates team offer holistic treatments and surgical procedures for all foot and ankle problems. Read on to get more info on the common foot and ankle problems.

Toenail fungus

It’s a condition that causes nail thickening and discoloration. Toenail fungus may spread to other nails interfering with your nail appearance. If you have toenail fungus that makes you feel uncomfortable, Dr. Chan can help.

The following may indicate toenail fungus.

  • Nails that are brittle or ragged
  • White to brown discoloration
  • Dark coloration due to buildup under the nail
  • Thickened or misshaped nails
  • Slightly foul smell

You are likely to develop nail fungus due to the following.

  • Old age and reduced blood flow
  • A weakened immune system or have diabetes
  • Toes injury
  • Sweats heavily

You can use topical antifungal medications to eliminate nail fungus. Wearing breathable shoes and avoiding using communal pools or showers when barefooted can prevent nail fungus.

Ingrown toenail

An ingrown toenail develops when your nail grows into your skin rather than out and away from your toe. It causes the skin around the toe to swell and become red. Without treatment, the toe may become infected, causing pain.

It is essential to seek medical care when you notice an ingrown toenail. Extensive care is appropriate when you have a poor immune system or a history of diabetes.

Different things may lead to ingrown toenails, including wearing tight shoes, having curved nails, injured toenails, or trimming your shoes too short.

Wearing comfortable and well-fitting shoes and trimming your nails straight across may prevent ingrown toenails.

Foot pain

You can encounter foot pain from various things, including standing or walking for too long. The pain varies from mild to severe. Rest, ice, or some pain medications may help relieve your foot pain.

Foot pain may also result from the following conditions.

  • Sprains
  • Hammertoes
  • Warts
  • Fractures
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Gout
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Corns and calluses
  • Foot surgery

It is critical to consult your medical provider if your foot pain persists and make a thorough diagnosis.


It is a condition where the bone at the base of your big toe protrudes outside, causing your big toe to drift towards other toes. Bunions are not usually painful but can be uncomfortable.

Bunions occur from genetics, wearing poorly-fitting footwear, feet structure abnormalities, or an underlying medical condition.

A change in footwear, wearing orthotics, or padded shoes may help improve your bunions. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to reposition the foot bone.

Feet are critical in our daily life activities. Dealing with foot pain or any discomfort can be difficult and interfere with your daily tasks. Proper foot care, including wearing comfortable shoes and ensuring feet health, can help prevent most foot and ankle issues. Proper foot care is also essential if you have diabetes. Contact Aloha Foot & Ankle Associates today to schedule a consultation.