How to Choose The Right OB/GYN Specialist

One has to undergo a specialized training program with a primary focus on prenatal health, postpartum care, and postnatal care to qualify as an OBGYN specialist. Your Marion obstetrics and gynecology professionals are board-certified to solve any women’s health issues you may be having, such as infertility and pelvic discomfort.

Find an OBGYN with reliable expertise and the capability to make you feel safe and comfortable. Below are the tips that can make you settle for the best obstetrics-gynecology specialist.

Check reviews and request recommendations.

There is a high chance that if you ask your friends or family, especially your mother or sister, you will get the right doctor. Be sure to ask why the person recommends the gynecologist, considering the experience and skill level.

Then, research online to find more information about the recommended healthcare provider, like scheduling appointments and the clinic’s years of practice and rating. Familiarize yourself with feedback from clients regarding the service’s trustworthiness and services provided.

You may also check if the OBGYN has specialties and affiliations to hospitals.

The level of access provided.

Often, OBGYN specialists operate during the standard working hours throughout the week. If the working hours do not offer you the right level of flexibility and convenience, you may need to choose a doctor who operates outside the working hours. For example, irregular working hours are during the weekend and evenings.

Some OBGYN practices offer an online portal for communication with patients. Other doctors may allow phone communication and even provide telemedicine. For instance, if you are experiencing an unusual discharge, your doctor may remotely diagnose the cause and prescribe treatment.

Gender of the specialist.

Since you need to discuss personal information regarding reproductive health and mental health freely, the gender of the Ob/Gyn must make you feel safe and comfortable. Expect that if you are dealing with a specialist of the opposite gender, you may feel awkward or not feel open to discussing your health concerns.

However, seize the opportunity to benefit from specialist care without getting too concerned about the gender of the doctor.

Consider the style of communication.

The manner an OBGYN specialist communicates can make you feel comfortable or not. During your first contact with a doctor, ask any questions and see the manner of response.

Ask yourself if the gynecologist makes you feel comfortable in their presence and level of knowledge. And ensure communication is straightforward.

Consider your medical history.

If you are dealing with a chronic health problem, like high blood pressure, or have had pregnancy complications before, you require specialized care. Thus, choose a specialist providing high-risk gynecologic and obstetric care.

A perinatologist specializes in taking care of a patient with a high-risk pregnancy.

Consider your insurance policy.

Seeing a specialist is expensive, mainly if your insurance does not cover the cost. Examine your cover, see the benefits, and ensure the clinic you are to use is part of your network of health care providers.

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