Spider veins appear like damaged veins on the surface of the face and legs, and they are harmless and painless. The veins occur in the form of webs, branches, and thin lines, and you can want to get rid of them. Experts at spider veins Warner Robins will use the sclerotherapy method to destroy the webs, which is painless. You can learn the treatment of the condition during your visit and what sclerotherapy involves; read to know about ways to deal with spider veins.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins occur due to damaged or weakening valves in the veins. The condition has symptoms like tiny veins that are slightly raised or float on the skin and are purple, red, or blue. Even if they are painless, they can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, you can experience burning, tenderness, pain, and itching symptoms, then you need to see a doctor who will examine if there is any other underlying condition.

Causes of Spider Veins

The condition occurs when the valves in the veins are not working correctly. The weakening of the valves that carry blood to the heart may cause blood to travel back to the heart to pool inside the veins. Therefore, the veins can bulge and branch out, resulting in spider veins. The condition worsens if you are expectant or the job requires you to stand for a very long time. You risk developing the situation if you have a family history. Being overweight can add pressure on the leg veins, and you can also be at risk.


You should not feel any discomfort, but you can choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons. Sclerotherapy treatment involves injection on the affected area that makes the vein walls collapse and stops blood from flowing to the treated vein. The blood then flows to another healthy vein, and the affected vein shrinks, and the spider veins fade with time. Before the procedure, visit a dermatologist, vein specialist who will guide you if you are a good candidate for the treatment procedure. Sclerotherapy treatment does not treat the veins instantly, but you will need several appointments and regular check-ups to check the progress of the affected area.

Laser treatment also can be used by your doctor because there is no injection involved. The doctor directs a laser on the affected surface of the skin that causes the spider veins to clot and dry up. Laser treatment is less invasive than sclerotherapy.

Compression stockings also help by placing pressure on the veins on your legs. The pressure improves blood flow in the legs, preventing spider veins. You lower your risk of blood clots every time you wear a compression stocking. The stockings make it easier for the blood to flow to the upper body.

It can signify another medical condition if you experience any pain and discomfort. You prevent the condition from occurring if you are at risk by ensuring that you exercise and watch your body weight. You can remove the spider veins for cosmetic reasons through various treatment options with the help of specialized health care.