Post-micturition in men and the need for incontinence pads!

We think it is over, but it is not! We think that all is done and we may leave, but something soon starts reminding us that all is not done. This is the tale of those suffering from post-micturition dribble, also known as after-dribble. This is a condition when men think that they have emptied their bladder but there remains some urine that usually leaks out after leaving the washroom. How brutal is this condition? Do you really need to buy men incontinence pads, Confidenceclub asks! And then, what is the way out of this?

All about after-dribble in men and incontinence pads!

The condition occurs when something goes wrong within the urinary system (bulbar urethra, to be specific). This is the portion that lies just behind the end of the urethra (the urethral portion that you can see). It has a bulbocavernosus muscle. These muscles encircle the urethra and contract to squeeze out the urine completely. But when it fails to do so, the urine leaks out after you are done. This feels embarrassing to some. But why does this muscle fail? The reasons are many like

  • Injury after some surgery around the area.
  • Weakening of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Neurological damage.
  • Prostate injury or enlarged prostate.
  • Behavioral disorder.

If the condition is chronic and happens every time then you need to buy men incontinence pads, Confidenceclub suggests. This can help you avoid the smell that you can ward off around. But, what else can you do? You indeed do need to see a doctor. Apart from it, there are ways that you can help yourself out!

How to deal with after-dribble?

Confidenceclub says that there are ways that can bring some ease to this condition. One thing you would always want to do is to not get dependent on diapers. You may wear them but try to act as if you are not wearing them. This will help you gain confidence and gain control back. Wear men incontinence pads, Confidenceclub when needed but reach the bathroom every time and do these required steps given below. What are these steps?

  • Try to perform some pelvic floor exercises as this will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. A study that was done against the control group had concluded that there was a significant improvement in those performing pelvic floor exercises, as opposed to those who were not.
  • Another thing you would want to do is to urinate while sitting. Also, place the fingers you have on the region below your scrotum (the pouch that contains the testes) at the point where it attaches to the body, and then massage. This is the portion where the bulbar urethra lies inside your body. The massage should be done in an upward motion in an attempt to push out the remaining urine. You may also try it standing up while urinating in the public.
  • Seek surgical treatment if there is such need. Sometimes surgery is the only option. Your doctor would be able to best tell you if you have such a need.

These are all the basic things that you can do to ensure that there remains no urine after you are done urinating.


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