Should You Consider Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

After you are diagnosed with uterine fibroids, you may experience mixed emotional reactions. On one end, having answers for the concerns you have been experiencing may be reassuring. On the other end, you may now be inquiring about your various therapy alternatives. Luckily, you no longer have to live with the debilitating effects of uterine fibroids. At South Florida Vascular Associates, you can access uterine fibroid embolization, a minimally intrusive procedure that safely and effectively treats your fibroids, thus, relieving you of any associated symptoms. Are you still on the fence on whether you should undergo plantation uterine fibroid embolization? Take a moment to read through this post to determine if you are the right candidate for this procedure.

Are You Experiencing Heavy Menses?

Periods are daunting, but adding uterine fibroids to the mix could be even more difficult. Patients with uterine fibroids typically suffer excessive bleeding. Unfortunately, most do not recognize they have heavy periods till they compare themselves with other women. As a general rule of thumb, your period is deemed heavy if you feel anemic or weak throughout your period, bleeding for more than a week, pass massive blood clots, or constantly have to change tampons or pads.

Do You Experience Painful Intercourse?

Besides promoting vaginal discomfort during sex, uterine fibroids may result in discomfort following intercourse. This form of discomfort can appear in various ways. To begin with, some women have uterine cramps that are identical to the cramping they experience during menses. On the other hand, some women may experience stomach aches or cramping after intercourse. Once your doctor determines that uterine fibroids are the reason for your concern, you may begin exploring whether uterine fibroid embolization is appropriate for you. 

Are You Struggling With Severe Pelvic Discomfort?

Uterine fibroids could result in severe cramp pains, which might sometimes not even be relieved with over-the-counter pain medicines. If your cramps are so bad that you cannot get out of bed or the sofa on the bad days, you should consider whether fibroids might be to blame and if you need fibroid embolization to address your concerns.

Is Urinary Incontinence Affecting Your Everyday Life?

Urinary incontinence symptoms might range from minor irritation to a significant concern. While running to the bathroom during the day is inconvenient, it is not necessarily a major issue. Nonetheless, if this pressing urge to urinate affects your everyday life, such as disrupting your sleep, it might lead to daytime drowsiness, poor work performance, and other adverse effects. If left untreated, this concern can develop into urinary incontinence, which is characterized by the patient losing bladder control, and sometimes constipation, hence the need to consider the embolization procedure.

Are You Not Ready To Undergo Surgery?

While surgery is an efficient therapy for uterine fibroids, it not only results in a prolonged recovery time that can be inconvenient for your work life and other commitments but is also pretty costly. Even so, some people may avoid surgery because of the fear of complications associated with the procedure. If this applies to you, uterine fibroid embolization may be appropriate for you.

Now that you understand the important considerations to help you establish whether you are eligible for uterine fibroid embolization, it is time to find a competent specialist. The expert staff at South Florida Vascular Associates are well-versed in interventional vascular radiology. Therefore, you may look forward to top-notch, safe, and effective uterine fibroid embolization procedures. Schedule an initial consultation through mobile or book online to discuss your concerns and learn what to expect with your treatment.