Achieve Your Smile Goals with a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Missing teeth, tooth decay, and crooked teeth can prevent you from achieving a stunning smile. Missing teeth can also lead to severe complications such as bone loss and gum recession. Dr. Sean S Pierce DDS offers personalized complete mouth reconstruction procedures that enhance your smile and restore the functioning of your teeth.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction refers to the cosmetic process of replacing and rebuilding all your permanent teeth. The experts combine several cosmetic aesthetics with improving the function, beauty, and health of your mouth. People with severe trauma, dental diseases, or oral infection due to decay can benefit from full mouth reconstruction. Before designing a personalized treatment plan, your provider reviews your dental health history and discusses your smile goals and expectations. Dr. Pierce uses this information to recommend the most appropriate and effective procedure to meet your expectations. The professional tea at Pierce Robotics focuses on delivering excellent results that surpass your expectations.

What procedures make up a full mouth reconstruction?

Dr. Pierce creates personalized full mouth reconstruction plans depending on your unique needs. He may perform an oral exam to determine the defects of your mouth before recommending a series of procedures to help you achieve a brilliant smile. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Dental implants

Dental implants refer to artificial tooth roots that provide a firm foundation for your crowns. They are natural-looking and blend in with your natural teeth. Dental crowns replace missing teeth, restoring your stunning smile.

  • Dental bridges

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth and prevents severe dental complications such as loose teeth, bone loss, or gum recession.

  • Teeth whitening

The dental experts at Pierce Robotics offer Mavrik TheraSmile Whitening. This whitening technique makes your teeth several shades brighter and is friendly to your tongue and gums. Teeth whitening eliminates pigmentations on your teeth, giving you a vibrant smile.

  • Crowns

A crown refers to a dental restoration covering a dental implant to prevent gaps in your smile. You may also consider a dental crown if you have severe tooth decay to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Who is eligible for full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is perfect for people with tooth care, dental trauma, missing teeth, and tooth discoloration. If you have severely worn-out teeth due to sports injuries or grinding, you can also consider this aesthetic procedure. The main goal is to restore or improve the functioning of your teeth and enhance your smile aesthetics.

What should you do after a full mouth reconstruction?

After a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Pierce may give you a set of instructions to help you maintain the results for a more extended period. He may advise you to adopt good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. He may also recommend visiting a dentist half-yearly for professional teeth cleaning and oral exams. If you play sports or have a habit of grinding your teeth, he may recommend wearing a mouthguard. Additionally, you may need to avoid unhealthy habits such as opening bottles with your mouth and chewing ice.

Call the Pierce Robotics office for a full mouth reconstruction to enhance your smile.