Why are Annual Exams Important?

Have you had your routine health exam yet? Health check-ups are essential in everyone’s life to enhance good health. Usually, health exams should happen every year or as your provider directs, whether you are feeling healthy or not. They are a form of preventive care that lowers your health risks and enhances your overall health. The Phoenix annual exam providers offer comprehensive health evaluations to women to promote their health and wellbeing. Here is why annual exams are critical and what they involve.

Reasons why you need an annual exam?

An annual exam happens every year, where you have an appointment with your health provider to check on your health. Unlike what you may assume, a health check-up is still necessary even when you feel healthy.

You may still be having health issues even when you feel healthy. Some health issues take time to develop symptoms, and sometimes you may not be aware of the changes. A health exam helps detect health problems even at their early stages, preventing complications.

During your annual exam at Desert Star Family Planning, your provider points out the difference between your present health status and past medical records. Where there are changes in your health, they offer comprehensive treatments, including lifestyle modifications to promote your health.

What happens during an annual exam?

Your health exam begins with measuring your weight, height, and blood pressure. Your provider then discusses your health and assesses your medical history. They may ask whether there are any noticeable health changes or concerns. A physical exam includes your provider listening to your lungs and heart and touching the abdomen. In addition, they conduct a pelvic or breast exam and a pap smear if necessary.

A pap smear may be appropriate only when you’re at risk cervical cancer. However, patients with decreased chances may have a pap smear after 3 to 5 years. How frequently you have a pap smear depends on your age; you must discuss it with your provider to see whether you need a pap smear.Your provider may also provide HPV vaccinations for patients below 25 years during your annual exams. Women aged 40 or older may benefit from mammogram referrals.

A health check-up also gives you the chance to ask your provider about your health. It’s a platform where you can access all the information you need to know on women’s health to enhance healthy living. Women’s health may have various concerns, including birth control, irregular periods, and other issues. You may get all the answers during an annual exam.

What do you get from the annual exam?

Annual exams ensure your health is in check. If you have developing health issues, you can get early treatments and stop any complications. Early treatments are usually successful, which is a plus for your health. An annual exam also gives you the chance to interact with your provider better. It helps your provider enhance your overall health.

It’s critical to have your annual health exams even when in good health. It helps identify any developing issues and solve them before they worsen. Call Desert Star Family Planning today to book your appointment.