Breast Reduction Facts that Will Amaze You

Large breasts can make it hard to find well-fitting clothes, cause health complications like back pain, or prevent you from participating in some physical activities. This can make it necessary to reduce them, and medical experts like the Atlanta John David Mullins, MD PC breast reduction specialists, can help. Surgical intervention is required to reduce the size of your pendulous, heavy, or large breasts. But as you think about getting under the knife, it is important to consult your doctor and know what you can expect. First, you can look at the following amazing facts about the procedure to understand it better.

Breast Reduction has a High Satisfaction Rate.

Breast reduction has become one of the most sought cosmetic procedures. The better side is that most patients who have received the treatment give it a thumbs up. They are satisfied with the results. They suffered severe shoulder or neck pain and deep grooves in their shoulders, which are no longer after the treatment. The extra weight from the breasts relieves their complications to enjoy a quality life.

Losing Weight is Key

As you think about breast reduction surgery, it is necessary to think about your weight loss goals. If you are obese or overweight, you must first lose extra weight before seeking treatment. Remember that you will also lose extra fat in your breast, which is important before surgery. Extra fat in the breast can complicate your treatment. Also, getting the treatment before you lose can cause a repeat procedure once you lose the weight.

Breast Reduction is Outpatient

Breast reduction surgery is one of the major procedures performed on an outpatient basis. You can check-in for your appointment in the morning and be at home for dinner. But this will depend on several factors, including your recovery. Remember, you will be placed under anesthesia, and you might need more time to recover. It is also important to have someone by your side during your treatment to take you home safely. Or you can choose to spend the night at the hospital until the medicine wears off completely.

The Results are Long Lasting

Breast reduction surgery aims at improving the quality of your life in the long run. Your doctor will ensure you lose weight before the treatment to minimize any chances of a repeat procedure. The treatment will deliver lighter breasts that will affect how you live and ensure you live for the best. Remember that the results are highly satisfactory and that you enjoy the rest of your life. However, future pregnancies can affect the size of your breast.

Breast Reduction is Popular Among Celebrities

Celebrities will always be in the limelight; hence most of them feel the need to be perfect. But those who feel vulnerable and limited due to the larger size of their breast have turned to breast reduction surgery. For example, Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore are some famous women who have gone ahead to receive the treatments.

Men Can Also Benefit from Breast Reduction Surgery.

Yes, breast reduction is more common in women. But that does not limit the treatment. Men who endure gynecomastia also undergo breast reduction. Although the condition might not cause pain and can go away on its own, minimizing the swelling in their breast makes them feel more confident about their bodies.

If you think you need breast reduction surgery, talk to the plastic surgeon and aesthetic surgeon in Atlanta, GA, for more information. You will learn if you are eligible for the treatment.