Why You Might Need Emergency Dental Services

Do you have a family doctor who can offer emergency dental services during an emergency? You should not overlook the significance of emergency dental care; look for an emergency dentistry Richmond expert who offers emergency services. The injury to the gums and teeth might lead to serious health complications; the injuries may result from trauma which causes teeth chipping inflammation and teeth loss. This is why you would need emergency dental care.

Teeth Loss

Lost teeth are a reason to seek immediate dental care. Moreover, if the loss results from trauma, you need a proper diagnosis to treat injuries to the face, jaw, and mouth. The dentists use an X-ray to determine the extent of the injury to provide the needed medical attention. They work closely with the surgeons to correct any injury to the mouth and nose. Even if the lost teeth result from oral issues such as decay, you would need immediate medical attention. If your tooth is salvageable, your dentist will reattach it to the socket, but it should be done within two hours. Thus, you should see the dentist as soon as the tooth falls.

Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth are UN versa dental emergencies, and you should have an emergency dentist to deal with the chipped teeth. The chips might be created from hard food such as nuts and chicken bones; the trauma chips off the teeth enamel exposing the deep teeth layers. Some accidents cause chipping, and your dentist can fix the chipping easily with crowns, binds, and veneers.

Broken Teeth

The broken teeth might be a serious medical condition compared to the chipped teeth. The teeth may break due to pressure from hard food. You would feel uncomfortable and acute pain due to broken teeth; your dentist will deal with the discomfort and recommend a pain management plan.

Food Lodging Between the Teeth

Sometimes debris and food particles may lodge between the teeth, causing discomfort. You may need immediate medical care due to food lodging in the wrong place. If you leave the food stocks between the teeth, it may lead to discomfort. Moreover, if the particles are between the crevices, it causes pain and discomfort. The particles lodged between teeth may cause spacing problems.

Lost Filling

If you lose the dental fillings, your teeth will be exposed, and you will need emergency care. Patients are likely to lose the filling, especially if the fillings are prone to chipping and traumatic accidents. Without immediate treatments, further damage will occur to the tooth. Your dentist might advise on future dental care which prevents filling loss and proper oral care.

Emergent dental care is important during traumatic accidents that cause tooth chipping, crown and filling, and broken teeth. It is possible to fix the lost teeth within two hours, and it would be better to see immediate medical care. Moreover, the broken teeth lead to inflammation and pain, and your dental doctor will fill them with crowns. You should find an emergency dentist who works closely with other medical professionals. Good luck finding an emergency dentist who meets your needs.