Cannabis Seeds: How To Harvest And Things To Know


Growing cannabis is something that many people enjoy doing. You can grow them either inside or outside of your home, and there is no need for you to purchase them when it’s easily available at your house. 

It’s so cool, isn’t it? I love growing them at home! It will not just keep you engaged during your free time, but you can utilize it once it’s fully bloomed. 

Remember, cannabis is harvested with the help of a clone or a seed. The seeds are said to contain all the genetic information of the parent plants. 

What’s more? It can also show the various combinations of strains: A bit of mom, a bit of a dad, and sometimes traits from both mom and dad. You get it, right? 

Planting your very own cannabis plants will allow you to obtain fruitful harvests. But it’s only possible if you do it correctly

So, how do you harvest the cannabis seeds correctly? You can find that answer by following the steps that are mentioned below!


How To Harvest Marijuana Seeds?

Harvesting or growing cannabis seeds is that difficult as you think it is. Well, maybe a little. 

If you are growing them for the first time, you will surely need some help to get started. That is why I will be your guide on this matter.

Given below are the steps, which you have to follow to grow these seeds. 


STEP 1: The Marijuana Genetics

Genetics stands out as a fancy word when you have decided to grow cannabis through seeds. I admit the term might also point towards the “marijuana clones,” but using seeds is a good option for a beginner. 

[Small Note: If you are interested in growing your cannabis with clone stock, you can contact a qualified grower to obtain some. I certainly believe there is no law against clone sales within your jurisdiction.]

But the main question is: Which marijuana seeds should you purchase? Well, it will depend on your preferences and grown style. 

You can pick from mestizo, Sativa, and Indica seeds. Otherwise, you can check out the regular seeds, autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and maybe some other combinations available at Just go for the one you like! 

One thing you need to keep in mind when using regular seeds, make sure to separate the males from the females. Otherwise, you will end up getting low-quality and seedy buds with not-so-good taste and smell. 


STEP 2: Marijuana Seeds Germination Process

Germination means sprouting your marijuana seeds before planting them. Even though this is only necessary but doing it will surely ENHANCE your chances of germination.

The most secure way to get it done is by folding the seeds within a paper towel and wait for it for at least a few days. And remember a key point. The paper towel should be moist, not dry

After several days, you will notice that the seeds have popped up as the taproot will emerge from it. This shows you are all set to do some PLANTING work. 

Also, if you are looking forward to a “controlled germination” process, a mini-greenhouse is available that comes with starter pods. It will allow the seeds to begin rooting before transplanting seeds into the grow media. 


STEP 3: You Need Containers, Grow Tents & Grow Media

When you have decided to grow your cannabis seeds, you will find many media types like coco and soil available for the growing work. 

I will personally suggest you opt for the soil, well, because you are BEGINNER!! You are free to use any media according to your needs. 

Just be careful that you do not sacrifice on the media. If you pay extra money for your media, it will surely pay off well in terms of marijuana quality. 

It will also help in avoiding issues such as poor nutrient delivery, pests, and unbalanced pH. You might also require a pot. You can go for one of the 1-gallon pots. 

After adding the media to the pots along with the seeds, you are ready to plant them. Lastly, [this is the most important] you need to choose a place to place your plants.

The balcony of your home or the closet might be excellent areas to place cannabis plants. Otherwise, a grow tent will surely do the trick as it will provide you with a CONTROLLED ECOSYSTEM


STEP 4: The Vegetative Phase And The Grow Lights 

The vegetative stage is an important part. This is the stage where the plants develop the frame, which is compulsory to support the eventual flowers. 

During the vegetative stage, you also have to monitor the sex of the plant. It’s pretty crucial!! You have to identify, remove and eliminate the male plants from the female ones. 

If you have access to the female clones, then this particular step is not required. But if it will be compulsory if you are growing marijuana with seeds. 

As mentioned in STEP 1 of this article, the seeds you will use will influence the amount of attention and care you have to provide. 

When you go for the regular seeds, it will need a light cycle of 18 to 6 light cycles. This means 18 hours to 6 hours of light. 

The plant’s size will help determine the light requirement, and you will find many choices available. I will suggest you the LED lighting because they process less heat and are energy efficient. 

As a grower, you will find many other types of lighting options that will keep the entire temperature down for your growth. 


STEP 5: Place The Buns Right Into The Oven 

Once the plants have grown up, make sure to constantly care and prune them and keep an eye on the signs of fertilization. Remember, when they are pollinated, the seeds will become fully ripen in 4 weeks to 6 weeks. 

Also, you should leave your fertilized flower on the plant that has not yet been fertilized. So, how to know whether the seed is ripe or not? Well, the shade will tell the difference. If the seeds ripen, they will have a tan or a dark brown shade. 

Apart from that, these ripened seeds will also have strips all over them. Also, the seed harvesting process is pretty simple as you just need to dig within the fertilized flower and then pull the seeds out. 


STEP 6: Repeat Again!

When you have successfully harvested your marijuana seeds, repeat the process. Yeah, you heard it right!! Repeat the process of planting them and harvesting them once again. 

Take it easy!! There is nothing to rush or feel nervous about in case you are not fully ready to start the process again. You can freeze up the seeds, and they will surely retain their power to germinate. It will work, I guarantee it


What Part Do The Seeds Play During The Breeding Process?

When you want to obtain the perfect set of strains, you need a controlled production of seeds. As a Breeder, you have to force your cannabis plants to produce pollen.

After that, you have to use that pollen to pollinate other strains, which will help you create CROSS BREEDS of their two cannabis plants. Remember, this particular process is not haphazard like the seeds one your find in poorly-controlled marijuana grows.

Marijuana seed cultivation is an excellent technique, which requires sanitary and environments that are completed sealed to prevent dander from the outside from getting in. 

The plants might continue their vegetative stage when trying to increase their size right before seed production begins. But this is not compulsory.

Once the plants have become big, they are placed within a flowering light cycle. This light cycle is 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. 

Also, in several weeks, the male will produce pollen sacks. These sacks will burst open soon and get transported into the air to pollinate the females. 

After that, the females will produce seeds, which can be used for the breeding process, and harvesting. It can also be sold to the public or the growers.

To conduct the seed production, you will only need 20 females for each male. But a single male has the power to pollinate hundreds of females.


Wrapping Up!

Harvesting cannabis seeds by yourself and then using them for growing your own marijuana plants is an excellent idea. 

It will not just save you money but also help you obtain high-quality marijuana plants. 

This guide will surely provide you with the information you need for seeds harvesting. 

This is ideal for all beginners, and you will be your guide. Go through the article once and then think of the harvesting process. 

Goodluck grower!!


The author Eleanor