Getting Botox Injections: It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Closeup of botox injection in wrinkle near eye

Botox is a cosmetic procedure meant to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on the face. It eliminates the appearance of frown and smile lines around your mouth and eyes. Westfield Botox is an injectable that impacts nerve endings, relaxing the muscles to make wrinkles less noticeable. 

Who Can Benefit from Botox?

Adults who have small, thin wrinkles around their mouth that tend to be obvious when they make facial expressions can benefit from Botox. Wrinkles and skin folds will also form on your forehead when you frown and Botox can reduce their appearance. Your doctor can also use Botox to target fine lines and wrinkles between your eyebrows and at the center of your eyes. With this treatment, you can have a more relaxed, youthful, and rested look. You can be a good candidate for this treatment if you are concerned about your facial wrinkles. Ideal candidates must be at least 18 years old, healthy, and are not pregnant or nursing. 

What to Expect from the Procedure?

When you visit a facility that offers Botox, you will consult with a doctor before treatment and have your face examined closely. Your doctor will notice the expressions that will cause smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet and map out their specific location. 

When you get the treatment, your doctor will inject the Botox fluid beneath your skin. This procedure will often take around thirty minutes. Your muscles will stay relaxed after a few weeks, reducing the amount of Botox fluid necessary for your subsequent procedures. 

You may get several injections of Botox in various areas of your face, targeting serious wrinkles, creases, and lines. Some patients also get dermal fillers to restore the facial volume they lost and improve their facial contour along with Botox. In this case, your doctor will follow a personalized treatment plan to inject the fillers into the right areas.

After the procedure, expect some mild side effects such as redness and swelling that will disappear in a few hours. Your Botox injections can produce immediate results that will improve continuously in the days following your treatment.  

Enjoying Lasting Results from Botox

Although results from Botox vary by person, the results of Botox often last for 3-4 months. When you complete your treatment, you will have smoother and firmer facial skin. Your doctor can give you maintenance Botox injections, so you can retain your youthful look in the long term.