Restore You Smooth, Even Complexioned Legs With Varicose Veins Therapies

Everyone secretly desires legs with smooth and even complexion, but varicose veins may make this fantasy challenging to achieve. Varicose veins affect not only your fashion sense but also your general health. If these unsightly veins affect your ability to deliver at school or work, you may benefit from varicose veins Upper East Side treatments at Upper East Side Cardiology.

What factors contribute to your risk of getting varicose veins?

Varicose veins can affect anyone regardless of age, sex, or race, although more prevalent in women and older adults. These unsightly veins can occur anywhere, but they are more common behind the legs. Arteries allow blood to flow from your heart to other body parts, while the veins transport blood from different body parts to your heart. Veins work against gravity, and a malfunction in the legs can lead to a backward flow of blood that pools in your legs, leading to ropey purplish veins.

As you age, the wear and tear of valves may weaken them, causing blood to return to your legs and causing varicose veins. Obesity, pregnancy, sex, and a family history of these unsightly veins may increase your risk.

How can your doctor diagnose varicose veins?

If you experience heaviness, achiness, and pain around swollen, twisted veins, you may have varicose veins. In mild cases, you may notice skin discoloration and swelling, while in severe cases, you may bleed excessively and develop chronic ulcers.

During your Upper East Side Cardiology appointment, your provider may examine your legs for swollen veins and discuss your symptoms to rule out or confirm varicose veins. The team may review your health history to determine if yours is a hereditary cause. They may also request your consent to carry out an ultrasound to evaluate your blood flow. This test utilizes high-frequency sound waves, but it is non-invasive and safe. Based on the location of the affected veins, your doctor may use a venogram to evaluate your veins further. These tests are vital in ruling out other causes of swollen veins like blockage or a blood clot.

Treatment options for varicose veins

Dr. Bhusri customizes your wellness plan depending on the specifics of your health condition. It may involve self-care measures and advanced surgical treatments in severe cases. Your doctor may recommend losing or maintaining a healthy weight, wearing compression socks, and exercising to promote healthy blood circulation. If you also suspect that you have a higher risk of developing varicose veins, you may adopt these lifestyle changes to prevent them.

If the conservative treatments fail to offer the desired relief, Dr. Bhusri may recommend a more aggressive treatment like surgical interventions. Some of the procedures you may expect in your treatment plan include vein ligation and stripping, sclerotherapy, endoscopic vein surgery, and laser surgery. Before recommending the best option, Dr. Bhusri educates you about your condition, the available treatments, and the risks involved.

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