Tips to Prepare for a Successful Telemedicine Appointment

Shot of a woman covered with thick blanket, holding a white cup during on-line consultation with a GP

Your health is critical, and in these modern times, you no longer have an excuse not to seek medical attention when needed. Telemedicine simplifies the process; an ideal approach if you are unable or unwilling to visit a doctor’s office in-person. Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care telemedicine appointments are hassle-free and effective, helping you save time and money while ensuring you receive quality medical care without potential exposure to other sick patients.

With telemedicine, you can address many concerns, from the management of chronic conditions to prenatal, mental health, urgent, and primary care, to mention a few. Nonetheless, a telemedicine appointment is only as productive as your preparation. You only need your laptop, tablet, or Smartphone and an internet connection for the virtual appointment. The top preparation tips that can ensure you get the most out of an appointment include:


The last thing you want is to be shocked when you realize that your insurance does not cover telehealth. Before scheduling an appointment, check with your insurance provider and confirm that they cover it and find out the amount of the required co-pay or deductible. Also, ensure that the doctor you pick accepts your insurance. The financial burden is among the top reasons people fail to seek medical attention. With such information, you will know that the telemedicine appointment is well within your financial capacity, making it less stressful to pursue this option, even for future needs.

Time and location

You can access telemedicine virtually anywhere. This does not mean you shouldn’t consider the timing of your appointment. Scheduling an appointment when you are likely to be in busy places like the subway or on a bus commuting to or from work is unproductive. Pick a time you can be in a distraction-free space like at home or in your office. Also, ensure that you are in a quiet, well-lit location, with good internet coverage. This will ensure that the session proceeds with as few interruptions and distractions as possible.


Arm yourself with everything you need for the session. This includes:

  • A list of questions you need to ask: Anxiety is common during doctor’s appointments. You don’t want the session to end only to realize you forgot to ask important questions you want to be answered. Having made a list beforehand and marking items off during the appointment ensures that you address those pressing concerns.
  • Medical details: If you are on a prescription or taking over-the-counter medication/supplements, keep them close. If the appointment is not with your primary care doctor, have their name and other important details about them ready. This includes specialists you have seen in the recent past. Also, be sure to have your health insurance identification card around. If co-pays and/or deductibles are applicable, have your credit card information easily accessible.


How do you take your notes? A pen and notebook or your device should be within reach, ensuring that you can easily jot down those important details. This could range from follow-up dates, recommended measures like dieting and exercise, symptoms to watch out for, medication you need, and prescription guidelines, to mention a few.

Telemedicine can help you stay on top of your medical care. It is convenient and does not take much effort. Contact Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care today to schedule a virtual visit appointment.