Understanding the treatment options available for age spots

Age spots can be described as tiny and dark patches that usually appear on your hands and face as you get older. Typically, these sports are harmless but can affect your self-esteem by making you feel less self-conscious. Fort Worth age spots are managed and treated by a team of experienced specialists who play an essential role in reducing the look of this irregular coloration using skin rejuvenating treatments. Below is all you are required to know concerning age spots.

What are age spots?

Generally, age spots form on your shoulders, arms, face, and hand. Most importantly, these sports commonly form in body parts that get exposed to the sun. They are brownish and are found in most people who are fifty years and above, but you can have them if you keep spending most of your time in the sun or live in sunny places.

According to most physicians, these age spots are not harmful, but cosmetically, they make you appear older and less attractive. Therefore, you are advised to use sun protection products and stay out of the sun when it is hot and intense. However, if you already have age spots, various treatment options are available.

What treatments treat brown spots or age spots?

Specialists offer various treatments to make the age spots or brown spots fade effectively, and a more effective skin complexion is formed. They are as follows:

PicoFOCUS is one of the effective options available to treat both age spots and brown spots. It involves using a gentle and fractionated light-based treatment that is very safe for every skin type. PicoFOCUS also helps reduce acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

The second treatment option available is IconMaxG photofacial which emits light that passes through the upper layer of your skin, targeting melanin and hemoglobin.  Melanin and hemoglobin are pigmented compounds that play a role in skin discoloration. The emitted light is absorbed and dissolved by the coloration and later eliminated by your body. Another method is by taking chemical pills, which increase the rate at which old skin cells shed and new and evenly pigmented skin forms. Alternatively, you can also use topical creams to treat mild discolorations on your skin because they make them fade. The best creams are those prescribed by the physician.

Which is the best treatment for your age spots?

The most effective treatment for your age spots depends on the health of your skin, how many spots are there, and the depth of these spots. However, before deciding which treatment option will work best for you, the health care team begins by performing a thorough analysis of your skin. After that, the care provider will recommend the best treatment option to improve your skin tone significantly. The expert team always ensures that each patient receives an individualized treatment plan to attain their aesthetic goals.

In a nutshell, if you have brown spots or age spots, call or consult Skin Deep Laser MD today, whereby the care provider will perform a thorough analysis of your skin complexion. Afterward, the health care team will recommend a particular treatment that suits your needs and attain the desired outcome.