A Brief Guide About Harvesting Critical Jack Autoflower Plants

Newbie growers think harvesting is as simple as chopping some branches and hanging the buds in a place to dry. The reality is far different and complicated. Though, it is not very complicated. It can be easily achieved if proper care is taken at all stages. 

This article will discover how to harvest Critical Jack autoflower and uncover the best place to Buy Critical Jack Autoflower Seeds Online

How will you know if the plant is ready for harvest?

The best way to know whether it is time to harvest or not is by keeping a close eye on the trichome and pistil color. Since autoflower plants enter the flowering stage more quickly than others, growers can track how long ago the seed was planted in the soil. 

The duration is important because when you buy autoflower seeds from reputable sources, they will give you a data sheet that will explain the average life cycle of the strain. The Critical Jack plant reaches the harvesting time by 8-9 weeks. 

Flush the nutrients before harvesting

Cannabis plants require several nutrients to ensure they give the best yield. And to get good yields, growers give their plants several nutrients. These nutrients help the bud swell up, giving the bud a rich look. 

In some cases, the plants do not utilize these nutrients, and they remain in different parts of the plant. You should flush the excess nutrients around 10-12 days before harvest. If those nutrients are not flushed off before harvesting, the smoker will feel its harsh taste when they take a drag. 

Drying the buds

The main intention of drying the buds is to remove the excess water in the buds. Once this excess water, i.e., 75% of the water, is removed, it will make it easier for the stoner to burn it before smoking. 

If you’re a newbie, do not skip this process as it is very important. The drying and curing process for an autoflower plant takes around three weeks. You can dry the plants in an enclosed space. Some growers also dry them in cardboard boxes. 

Curing the buds

Curing is the next stage after drying. In this process, the dry buds are left in a glass jar, and the air inside is changed three times a day.

Fill around 70% of the jar with dry buds and remove the top of the jar so that the air circulates within the jar. You will know curing is complete when you smell the fragrance of weed getting stronger and stronger. 


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