All You Need to Know About the Corn and Calluses Condition

Corn and calluses are an accumulation of thick and hard skin areas. These hardened skin areas can form anywhere in the body, but they are mainly found in the feet. People with this condition feel embarrassed, and some wear their socks to hide the cracks. However, do not panic when they happen to you because this condition is manageable. Coral Springs corn and calluses can be addressed and the problem forgotten completely. Below, we discuss all you should know about corn and calluses.

What Causes this Condition?

Some callus and corn issues occur due to an improper waking style. However, some happen when you wear ill-fitting shoes. High-heel shoes also cause this condition. They exert pressure on toes, making women ten times more likely to get this disease than men. Another condition that causes corn or callus is foot deformities.  All these factors cause friction on the feet. Get your child checked if they get a callus with no visible pressure. This callus might occur as a result of a wart. Staph infections begin when bacteria access corn via skin breaks.

How do they Form?

Corns and calluses occur after repeated friction on the skin. They form on the feet’ most prominent parts. Corns and calluses also form in the hands, so you should wear protective gear. Your body keeps you safe from this condition with the hardened layers.

Who is More Likely to Get them?

You have higher chances of getting corns or calluses if;

  • You smoke
  • You do not wear socks
  • You wear narrow shoes.
  • You have a condition that triggers this disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Corns and Calluses

Below we discuss how to spot this infection;

  • A callus is a compact patch that happens due to friction. Calluses are available in different names.
  • A soft corn is a tender skin area. It occurs between the toes and has a slim center.
  • A plantar callus occurs on the foot’s bottom

When to Contact a Doctor

It is advisable to contact a doctor if;

  • The corn discharges clear fluid or pus. This condition needs immediate attention.
  • You cause corn bleeding by cutting it. This skin break causes an infection.
  • You get corn and are also diabetic. This disease puts you at more risk.

How to Prevent Corns and Calluses

Try the following things to avoid corns and calluses;

  • Measure your feet well at the shoe store. Wear fitting shoes only to prevent this condition.
  • Buy shoes in the evening when your feet are swollen. This will ensure you but only fitting shoes.
  • Do not buy shoes with sharp toes. Instead, wear shoes with the lowest heels possible.
  • Repair or replace shoes frequently. This keeps you free from bacteria.
  • Ensure your shoes have enough space to accommodate your toes if you have hammertoes.
  • Wear protective gloves. Suppose you use tools because calluses also occur on hands. 

Corns and calluses are common diseases that occur on the feet. It is easily manageable, but you should consult your doctor to tackle it better. This disease is now treatable in Coral Springs, and our team is always ready to treat new patients. Contact us to get the best services at affordable prices.