Complementary Therapies for Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis often hits hard because you are left wondering about your chances of survival and anxious about plans. Once you begin treatment, you face the possibility of suffering adverse drug reactions and reduced quality of life. But there is hope because of the emergence of the interdisciplinary, patient-centered field, which allows the patient to benefit from complementary therapies. If you are a cancer patient, Salt Lake City integrative oncology offers services that help improve your health as you undergo treatment.  

Defining Integrative Oncology

If you are undergoing conventional cancer treatment, you can relate that it takes a toll on your physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Integrative Oncology comprises therapies that support a patient undergoing cancer treatment. Doctors have developed an alternative, holistic and complementary therapies that boost patients’ health and improve their wellbeing as they undergo various cancer treatments. 

Benefits Of Undergoing Integrative Oncology

If you have just received a cancer diagnosis and wish to boost your immunity through natural options, integrative oncology will help you achieve this desire. Besides, if you have started treatment and are experiencing adverse effects, you can choose integrative oncology. It would be best if you considered integrative oncology because;

  • It helps boost your immunity
  • It enhances your physical and emotional strength and resilience
  • It minimizes stress as you undertake cancer treatment
  • It helps manage symptoms of fatigue and pain, thereby enhancing your quality of life. 
  • It reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • It supports your body’s natural systems and processes.
  • Side effects are significantly reduced because it is a gentler treatment option. 

Treatments Involved

The doctor will develop a personalized treatment depending on the evaluation. You can either receive one or a combination of several therapies. The following therapies are recommended;

  • Ozone therapy involves dowsing the patient’s body with oxygen to suppress the growth of cancer cells and boost immunity. 
  • Mistletoe therapy entails injecting mistletoe extracts into the bloodstream and improves the quality of life of the cancer patient.  
  • IV glutathione therapy prevents toxicity resulting from chemotherapy because it provides the body with anti-oxidants and detoxifiers. 
  • IV artesunate involves using malarial drugs, which inhibit the growth of cancer cells. 
  • High dose IV Vitamin C, IV Vitamin-Mineral Bags, Vitamins, and Supplements are given intravenously or orally to improve the quality of life and reduce the side effects of cancer treatment. 
  • IV glycyrrhizic acid therapy will limit cell growth and triggers cell death. 
  • Ultraviolet Blood Radiation therapy promotes cancer treatment by boosting the immune system by killing bacteria and viruses in the blood. 
  • Botanical Medicine involves recommending plants and foods with medicinal values to treat cancer. 
  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes facilitate stress and sleep management for holistic healing. 
  • Medical Nutrition addresses loss of appetite and weight for persons undergoing cancer treatment. 
  • Osseous and Soft Tissue Manipulation is an effective treatment for bone or tissue-related cancer.

Suppose you are undergoing cancer treatment and are looking for compassionate medical support and alternative medical therapies. In that case, an Integrative Medica facility located in Utah offers these services. The naturopathic physicians led by Jake Schmutz NND and Joshua Hersh NMD offer the requisite support, which improves your quality of life as you undergo conventional cancer treatment. Make that call or book an appointment online and get holistic treatment.