Deal with the pelvic pain with physical therapy

Are you also experiencing pelvic pain?

When you start surfing on Google for pelvic pain, you will find out lots of medical terms like vulvodynia, endometriosis, and other such terms. People do self-diagnosis and sometimes it turns out to be scary if not taken care of properly. There are studies shows that multiple approaches are used for the management of pelvic pain symptoms. On finding any sign of symptoms, the first thing to do is talk to your doctor and discusses them.

How does it feel to have pelvic pain?

Don’t get confused about the lower abdomen pain and pelvic pain. Some people mention that it’s like aching pain, while others describe it as an aching, burning, stabbing, or sharp pain. There are certain symptoms you should also know.

  • Pain at the time of wearing clothes.
  • Pain while sitting for a prolonged time.
  • Fatigue, pelvic heaviness, and pulling.
  • Noted changes in urination like burning, leaking, or hesitancy.
  • Constipation, anal fissures, straining, and incomplete emptying.

If you are also noticing such symptoms, you can opt for physical therapy.

Physical therapy for treating the pelvic pain

It is a great step taken by patients because of its conservative approach. This treatment gives you an excellent result because the physical therapists focus on improving the quality of life while targeting the pain. Depending on the finding, the therapists plan the treatment program while meeting the specific requirements. The physical therapists at RPM Woodlands work by –

  • Identifying the appropriate muscles causing pain.
  • Make the patients learn about these muscles and instruct the right ways of doing exercise, correcting the posture, correctly sitting on the chair, and squatting.

The right combination of approaches is helpful for the patients to get back to their life. The combination involves behavioral therapy, gentle exercises, pain neurophysiology, modification strategy education, and other kinds of strategies.

RPM Physical Therapy is a trusted clinic where you can get reliable pain management services. Never treat your pelvic pain by seeing the treatments on Google. You are at the right place where we work to relieve your pain. Visit our clinic to get an appointment.



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