How to Know You Must See a Glenview, IL Emergency Dentist

Regardless of how you feel about a dental professional, there are signs you must see a dentist as soon as possible. If you have a dental emergency, you may have to visit a dentist right away. Sometimes, your situation cannot wait, and because a lot of dentists must be booked days or weeks in advance, you must find an emergency dentist in Glenview, IL can see you immediately, especially if you are in serious pain. 

When to See an Emergency Dentist

Not all dental problems are emergencies. However, the situations below require seeking emergency dental care:

  • Severe dental pain. Dental pain that is quite serious must be addressed right away. Hurting or throbbing tooth pain will not allow you to sleep or radiate to your jaw, neck, or ear. And when you lie down, the pain can become worse. This kind of pain indicates you have a serious dental issue, such as a cracked tooth or a tooth infection that must be treated immediately.
  • Compromised dental filling. After losing a dental filling, you may not feel discomfort or pain immediately. However, such a loss means the inner part of your tooth is exposed. Also, the filling may have fallen out due to cracks and fissures. Thus, you must have a dentist check the tooth immediately so it can be filled, eliminating the possible problems that may happen. 
  • Swollen jaw. Often, mouth swelling indicates an infection that must be dealt with right away. Mouth infections happen for different reasons; however, they can quickly become dangerous when not addressed right away. When these infections get into your bloodstream, they can wreak havoc on your bodily organs, such as your heart and lungs. 
  • A dental fracture. Dental fractures can occur due to an accident or injury or because of teeth clenching and grinding. A dental fracture must be checked by an emergency dentist. Treatment for a dental fracture depends on the kind and seriousness of the fracture. Sometimes, a filling, crown, or bonding can repair the tooth. For more serious cases, a root canal treatment or tooth extraction may be necessary. 

Finding an Emergency Dentist

Not all dentists offer emergency dental services. However, the first thing you must do after requiring emergency dental care is to contact your regular dentist. If they cannot see you immediately, they may be able to refer you to one who can. Also, you can look for an emergency dentist online.