Being a parent is one of the joys everyone desires at some point in their lives. Medical experts have come up with cutting-edge fertility treatments to ensure that the LGBTQ community can experience this joy. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and would like to expand your family, the experts at NOVA IVF offer LGBTQ Fertility in Mountain View to help you achieve your dream.

What fertility treatments can lesbians consider?

The professional team at NOVA IVF offers a wide range of fertility treatments for lesbians desiring to become parents. The experts perform a comprehensive fertility workup to determine the factors preventing you from conceiving. They also educate you on the available fertility treatments and recommend the most effective one to help you achieve your parental goals. You can discuss the pregnancy carrier with your partner depending on your personal preferences or medical status. Your doctor examines the uterus and fallopian tubes on the partner carrying the pregnancy as protocol. Some of the treatments that the team may recommend include:

  • Sperm donation

The specialists at NOVA IVF work with nationally certified sperm banks to help you select your donor sperm. You can also approach a distant family member or friend to step in as your sperm donor.

  • IVF

IVF involves one partner providing an egg and the other carrying the pregnancy. This fertility treatment is more complex as compared to the alternatives. Your doctor tests you and your partner and prescribes medications to boost your fertility. After retrieving the eggs, the team inseminates the eggs with the donor sperm, and after the embryos mature, your provider transfers them to your uterus.

  •  IUI

This treatment involves placing the sperm into your uterus using a catheter penetrating your cervix.

What fertility treatments should gay couples consider?

During your appointment with your partner, the team at NOVA IVF conducts a semen analysis to evaluate your morphology, volume, motility, and concentration. Some of the available treatments include:

  • Egg donation

You and your partner can work with the NOVA IVF team to choose an egg donor from the facility or choose a family member or friend. The team examines the egg donor to ensure that she is healthy.

  • Surrogacy

A surrogate refers to a woman who donates her egg and agrees to carry the pregnancy to term but has no biological link to the unborn baby. Depending on your preferences, you can use a gestational carrier or a close friend as your carrier.

How can you know the appropriate LGBTQ fertility treatment for you?

The experts at NOVA IVF offer extensive fertility assessments and consultations to determine the most appropriate treatment for you. The team at the facility does not provide surrogacy services or sperm donation, but they work with agencies to help you complete your fertility treatment successfully. The group offers personalized treatment plans depending on your body’s needs.

If you are an LGBTQ community member and would like to have children, call the NOVA IVF office or schedule an online appointment for effective fertility treatments today.