Reasons to Consider Microblading

When you visit a spa or dermatologist, you will likely hear about tattoo services. One of the services you will hear about in a modern-day spa-like Florida Lakes Spa is microblading. Microblading is similar to permanent makeup. The only difference between the two is that microblading uses nothing more than a blade to make tiny cuts on your skin. These cuts make your eyebrows look more defined and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some reasons why you should consider microblading for yourself:

The Procedure is Not as Painful as You Might Think

Now, the idea of having your eyebrows cut into your skin may sound like a painful experience. However, that is not always the case with microblading. Unlike other types of eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup, microblading uses a blade to make minor cuts on your brows instead of needles which means that you will not test your pain threshold. The pain you experience will vary from person to person, depending on how much pain your skin can handle. Also, the procedure may feel a lot different depending on what type of skin you have. The best way to know how it feels is to go for a test drive with a professional who provides microblading services.

Precise and Effective

What makes microblading different from other types of eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup is the precision involved in the process. Microblading only requires one small cut at a time, which means it is pretty precise. This type of precision also ensures cosmetic effects that are longer lasting than any other treatment you can get for your eyebrows. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, microblading does not require a lot of recovery time either, which is excellent news for people who have a busy schedule and cannot afford to take off from work or school to get their eyebrows done.

Quick Procedure

Microblading is a quick procedure meaning that it only takes a single session to get the perfect eyebrows you have always wanted. In fact, the procedure only takes about one hour from start to finish, which includes consultation time and everything else. When you compare this to eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup, microblading stands out in terms of time saved. However, the effects of microblading tend to last a lot longer than other types of eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup because all you have to do is let your brows heal from the cuts before you can see the final results.

No Needles

Unlike regular tattoo procedures that usually require needles, microblading uses nothing more than a special blade to make the cuts on your skin for this procedure which is why it’s different from other eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup. Also, microblading does not require any injection of ink under your skin.

Procedure is Less Invasive

Microblading is one of the least invasive procedures out there compared to other eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup. Using a blade to make cuts on your skin means that you only need the smallest number of incisions for this treatment compared to other procedures out there. Being minimally invasive makes it one of the most effective treatments for men and women interested in having their eyebrows done.

Microblading is a safe and effective treatment for eyebrows. However, you need to know that all types of eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup are not created equal. You should go for an experienced professional who offers microblading services to get the best results from this type of treatment.