Top 5 Ways to Makeover Your Smile

Having a perfect smile boosts your confidence and self-esteem when interacting with others or making a speech. But several factors can affect your smile and affect how you feel about yourself. Fortunately, you can still achieve the smile you deserve if you seek cosmetic dentistry in Westfield. Your dentist evaluates your needs and can recommend a smile makeover to make your smile dreams come true. You might need a smile touch-up or complete restoration to rejuvenate your smile based on your unique needs. Here are quite a few ways you can achieve this.

Using Porcelain Veneers

When your smile is affected by discolored or chipped teeth, You can improve the appearance by using a thin layer of porcelain. The veneer is specially designed to fit over your tooth’s surface as a false fingernail would fit on your nail. Veneers aim to improve your tooth’s position, shape, and color by covering the entire front of your tooth. This makes your teeth look naturally healthy and perfect, amazingly transforming your smile. Several types of veneers exist, and you must discuss and evaluate every option with your doctor to find the most suitable for you.

Consider Composite Bonding

For discolored, fractured, chipped, or decayed teeth, you can consider using a tooth-colored composite resin to rejuvenate your smile. Composite bonding can make your affected tooth appear longer; hence can be used instead of amalgam fillings. It is one of the least expensive but straightforward dental procedures that leaves your smile rejuvenated. Your dentist can provide a composite resin to match your natural teeth, giving you a natural smile.

Wearing Invisalign

Depending on your unique smile needs, your dentist can customize some clear plastic orthodontic trays for you. They are mainly an alternative to traditional braces since they can deliver a perfect smile without brackets or metal wires. Invisalign are mainly worn for about 22 hours, meaning you can remove them for a short period, allowing you to eat and clean your teeth easily, unlike traditional braces. However, understand that the results depend on your dedication to wearing the trays, the severity of your condition, and your provider’s expertise.

Use Short-term Braces

Traditional braces still have some benefits to offer even in a more advanced era. You can choose a six-month smile treatment that allows you to use a brace system for only a short period when you do not wish to receive treatment over a long period. The system can be customized and uses tooth-colored small brackets and wires to blend perfectly with your natural teeth. Although they will not be completely transparent, they are less noticeable than ordinary braces.

Seek Professional Teeth Whitening

For stained or discolored teeth, you can consult your doctor about teeth whitening options to rejuvenate your smile. Although there are several self-help tips for teeth whitening, seeking professional service can be more effective. Although the color may not completely change, teeth whitening will surely lighten the existing shade to offer a more appealing smile. But you will have to adapt to better health and lifestyle changes to maintain your white teeth.

Indeed, there are vast ways you can improve your smile. Reach out to The Dental Studio general, cosmetic, and implant dentists to learn your options. It all depends on your needs and personal preferences.