What are the common symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency?

If left untreated, deficiency of vitaminb12 or other nutrients may become worse over time and develop irreversible health issues. You must have heard this maximum “Prevention is better than cure.” Therefore, it would be best to monitor body condition regularly or remain in touch with your professional healthcare. 

What is vitamin b12 and its deficiency?

Vitamin b12 is an inevitable water-soluble vitamin and an essential member of the B-Complex category. It holds cobalt minerals present in the center of its structure, therefore, known as Cobalamin. The human body used its methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin forms to perform significant tasks. 

Vitamin b12 exists naturally in animal products such as; fish, meat, milk, eggs, etc., and is synthetically synthesized to grow bacteria in the laboratory. 

While your body contains an inadequate level of vitamin b12 than the requirement, your body is known as vitamin b12 deficient. Its deficiency is rare in young adults, but older people, pregnant women, and vegetarians are more likely to experience its shortage. 

What are the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency?

Pernicious anemia is a common cause of its dearth, a condition in which your immune system’s influence on the gastrointestinal tract reduces its ability to absorb vitamin b12 efficiently. This may happen in people who consume alcohol, smoking, and certain medications. Crohn’s disease (difficulty in producing intrinsic protein) is also a significant contributor to its deficiency. 

However, let’s move together and unveil the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency. 

Cognitive impairment and memory loss

Vitamin b12 is needed to make myelin sheath around nerve cells that boost their efficacy and help in forming new nerve cells. During its deficiency, the formation of nerve cells is reduced, resulting victim’s learning, thinking, and intellectual capability being affected badly. If left untreated, individuals may lose memory, and receive cognitive diseases may prolong. 

Tingling in the hands and feet

The affected people may feel “pins and needles” in particular areas like the hand, legs, and feet. During tingling, impulse generation and conduction are reduced due to damaging peripheral nerves; therefore, one’s may experience disturbance in hands and feet. 

Vision loss

Macular Degeneration is referred to as a gradual decline in vision with aging. Vitamin b12 helps to lower the chances of macular degeneration disorders in older people, particularly overage women. Its deficiency prompts vision loss in older people. 

Gastrointestinal issues

Deficient people may experience nausea, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, and other digestive problems. These symptoms are also responsible for loss of appetite and weight.

These symptoms can also develop due to many other reasons, including contaminated food, consumption of alcohol, etc.

A swollen and inflamed mouth

If you’re deficient in vitamin b12, your mouth will be swollen and inflamed. Its deficiency causes sores, red tongue with intense pain. 

Pale skin

You may notice that your skin color changes into white or pale yellow due to its deficiency. And also, your eyes may get yellow color due to the lack of hemoglobin (RBC). The color may be due to the formation of bilirubin produced during the breakdown of red blood cells. 

Lethargy and weakness

A mitochondria organelle in the cell requires vitamin b12 to produce energy from carbohydrates. Its low level produces insufficient energy that does not meet the body’s requirement, and you may feel weakness. 

Fatigue and trouble in walking

It is also a critical component that assists your body in making new red blood cells. Its deficiency cuts down the formation of red blood cells; consequently, your body contains lower RBC levels. This condition is known as megaloblastic anemia. Your body does not absorb proper oxygen for breathing; you may feel symptoms like; fatigue, palpitations, difficulty breathing, and walking.

If you face any symptoms from those described above, immediately visit your doctor and ask for a vitamin b12 test.

There’s possibility that these symptoms may be due to other reasons not compulsory happen due to vitamin b12 deficiency.



Vitamin b12 is a crucial micronutrient for the human body to work properly. Its deficiency may reduce many biological mechanisms. The symptoms of its deficiency are; fatigue, lethargy, trouble in walking breathing, a swollen mouth, depression, cognitive problems, memory loss, etc. You can diminish these symptoms by getting proper treatment.