What Are the Major Causes of Joint Pain?

We all want to live a pain-free life, but unfortunately, joint pain can happen for many reasons. Joints are vulnerable structures that need special care and attention. There are multiple ways people experience joint pain, including osteoarthritis and sciatica. If you have any of these conditions, it is advisable to consult your Hazlet, New Jersey, physician about treatment options available for your specific condition. These Hazlet joint pain specialists will guide what gives rise to joint pain. Here are some of the major causes.


Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation of the joints. The leading cause is age, although it can also result from an injury, infection, or obesity. It can affect any joint in the body but most often occurs in your knees, hips, and hands. 

There are many types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis (where the cartilage breaks down), rheumatoid arthritis (where the body attacks its tissues), and inflammatory arthritis (the most common form, where joints become swollen and painful). 

Muscle pain is also a common feature of arthritis. The best ways to deal with this condition include reducing your stress levels, doing daily exercises, and massaging the muscles around the affected joint.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are common injuries that can occur in any part of the body. A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament, while a strain is a stretched or torn muscle or tendon. Sprains and strains are often caused by overuse, sudden movements (such as sports injuries), or falls. 

The best way to treat these injuries is to rest the affected area, apply ice and compression and elevate the limb. If there is any swelling, you can also take anti-inflammatory medication.

Cartilage Degeneration

Cartilage is the rubbery tissue covering your joints, allowing for smooth movement. However, cartilage does not have its blood supply and receives nutrients from surrounding tissues. Osteoarthritis often affects older people but can also be caused by obesity, an injury, or overuse of the joints – especially the knee. This condition causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Cartilage degeneration is not curable, but treatment may slow the condition’s progression.

Joint Infection

Infections of the joints are uncommon but can happen due to injury or surgery. Inflamed cartilage or a fracture of the bone can allow bacteria from another part of the body to infect the joint. It is crucial to have treatment as soon as possible, especially if redness and swelling with pain and warmth around the affected area.


Fractures occur when there is a break in the bone, causing pain and swelling around the area. This condition can be due to an injury or fall but can also result from osteoporosis. If you suspect that you have broken your elbow, for example, it is best to consult with your doctor about treatment options available.


Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons, which are elastic bands that attach muscles to bones. It can be due to overuse or an injury but may also occur without any cause. Symptoms include pain at rest, tenderness, and stiffness in the affected area.

Joint pain can happen for many reasons, and there are a variety of treatments available to help you manage the discomfort. Arthritis is one common cause of joint pain, with many different manifestations. For example, osteoarthritis causes inflammation in joints due to age, while rheumatoid arthritis affects tissue throughout your body. Always consult with your joint pain specialist for the proper treatment.