What to Expect During Your Initial Acupuncture Appointment

If your back pain has refused to go away, you may consider acupuncture in Flatiron District to obtain relief from pain and discomfort. You may be pondering about what to expect during your initial acupuncture appointment. Your doctor will first place you on an examination table, then disinfect a few body areas before inserting needles into precise acupoints. The number of needles needed and where and how they should be inserted is determined by the back pain’s location and condition. The needles will be left in for a few minutes to an hour. Your acupuncturist will try to alter them from time to time to maintain proper energy flow between the points. They may also warm or electrify the needles to accomplish this. If your acupuncturist employs electricity, you may feel a tingling sensation.

How to treat acupuncture for back pain

While there are numerous treatments for back pain, acupuncture is one of the most widely available. Studies have shown that acupuncture can assist with severe back pain. Acupressure has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, but it has gained popularity in recent years because of its effectiveness in treating various illnesses. It works on the premise that there are sensitive areas where the circulation of our natural energies can be managed to boost our ability to heal diseases and address pain. Let us look at a few of the ideal acupuncture points for back pain relief and how to use them.

Below your interior collarbone

This is Shufu, meaning “elegant mansion.” It is easiest to trigger this point if you use your opposite hand. Place your fingertip on the bottom edge of your collarbone and locate it inwards towards your sternum to find this spot. To put it another way, use your right hand for the left side of your body and your left hand for the right side. Shufu is beneficial for soothing upper back pain and chest and throat tension.

Below your fourth and fifth fingers

Zhong Zhu, which translates as a “central inlet,” is the name given to this pressure point. It is a very simple acupuncture point to find. This point is located between the fourth and fifth fingers, just below the knuckles. You should use deep, firm pressure to activate this pressure point. The Zhong Zhu pressure point is mainly associated with the relaxation of upper back pain and shoulder and neck pain.

Between your thumb and index finger

This spot’s name is He Gu. It means “sealed valley,” which is an accurate title given the location. To find this point, bring your thumb and index finger together. To activate it, grasp it with your other hand’s thumb or index finger (much like a pinching motion). This point can help with upper back pain, facial tension, and toothaches.

How many acupuncture meetings are required for back pain?

The number of meetings required to cure back pain with acupuncture varies completely. It is necessary to complete the entire session to benefit from the treatment. However, it relies entirely on the patient’s condition and the practitioner’s analysis.

If you are suffering from severe back pain and want to find relief from this impairing ache, call NYPT Health & Rehab or schedule a consultation to find out more.