Why Is Blue Lotus Vape Juice So Popular?

If you are someone who loves relaxing yourself to achieve ecstasy and euphoria, it’s time to explore the benefits of blue lotus vape juice. The ancient Egyptians had rightly identified the powerful stimulating agent thousands of years ago. Even today, people all over the world love smoking e-cigarettes or blue lotus juice to cherish the essence of relaxation.

So, what makes blue lotus juice so popular? In this post, we will explain what this product exactly is, and its impact on your mind and health.

What is blue lotus juice?

The blue lotus, predominantly found in Egypt, is a type of water lily. Currently, it grows in some parts of Asia as well. It is known for its entheogenic properties, which can alter your mind and help you focus on spiritual matters.

Reputed manufacturers extract the juice of blue lotus and sell them online. This has eased up the process of consuming it significantly. When you purchase blue lotus vape juice, make sure to visit an authentic website selling herbal products.

What does blue lotus juice contain?

There are two powerful psychoactive ingredients in blue lotus juice. These are:

  • Apomorphine: This is an effective psychoactive agent that serves as a dopamine agonist. On consuming the juice, you would cherish a euphoric and happy essence in your mind. Besides, people experiencing erectile dysfunction or Parkinson’s disease also benefit from this juice as it controls your muscles.
  • Nuciferine: This is an antipsychotic drug that makes your mind calm. Apart from its impact on your mind, the compound is known to improve erectile dysfunction issues.

People consuming blue lotus juice often feel high due to the euphoric effect of the extract.

What are the health benefits of blue lotus juice?

  1. Psychoactive agent

The extract from the blue lotus flower contains phenolic acids, alkaloids, flavonoids, and tannins. The presence of these ingredients helps in releasing serotonin and dopamine which enhance your mood. Besides, it has mild psychoactive effects since it generates euphoria. So, if you are looking for a potential stress-buster or something to relax upon, you would find the psychoactive agent beneficial.

  1. Induces sleep

Nuciferine and apomorphine, two of the alkaloids present in blue lotus, can help you achieve better sleep. Particularly, if you frequently wake up with hallucinations, this vape juice can be an effective remedy. This explains why the juice finds frequent use in clinical settings. Doctors use it as an agent for carrying out anesthesia, or easing problems related to sleep. Nuciferine can further improve the sleep-inducing impact of apomorphine.

  1. Enhances skin conditions

Fashion and skincare enthusiasts often purchase blue lotus juice to enhance their skin conditions. This flower is loaded with anti-aging properties. The presence of antioxidants in the juice fights free radicals. This eventually slows down the process of aging of your skin. Besides, another study reveals that the extract from blue lotus flowers can help you fight acne.


Well, if you are willing to try out this amazing juice, make sure to purchase genuine extracts online. Get a gluten-free and non-GMO product, where you have only the crude extracts. You will also find adequate information about the dosage on the product label. Reputed brands sell blue lotus vape juice extracted from wild harvesting. Visit one of the authentic sites selling organic products to purchase authentic blue lotus juice.