Why Should You See a Physical Therapist?

Shot of a senior woman being treated by a physiotherapist

Physical therapy may not initially spring to mind regarding lingering back pain, bothersome headaches, or diabetes management. However, it should be. Physical therapy is not simply for acute pain or following an injury or accident. From chronic shoulder pain to a fall or joint replacement, physical therapy promotes mobility in all healthcare settings. It can help you appreciate the activities you love; thus, improving your life quality. Roy Rivera Jr., a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Crom Rehabilitation, uses his skills in physical therapy to help patients of all ages or activity levels return to their optimum physical condition. Dr. Roy Rivera shares some of the benefits of physical therapy for your overall health and wellness, including:

Enhance Your Mobility, Balance, And Strength

Physical therapists are proponents of mobility. They have to educate you regarding causation in the human body as part of their profession. For instance, knee discomfort might be caused by a lack of hip strength, whereas neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome could be caused by excessive texting and typing.

Besides, physical therapy could assist you in enhancing your posture when exercising and adapting your movement in everyday tasks. It is critical to be proactive in physical therapy and caring for your body mechanics. At Crom Rehabilitation, Dr. Rivera will discuss your body’s reaction and partner with you to identify and fix the problem.

Avoid Injury

You probably have not visited a physical therapist since you suffered an injury. However, it is a great idea to use physical therapy as a precautionary measure. Perhaps you wish to improve your form or gain a competitive sporting advantage. Qualified physical therapist Dr. Rivera will assess your level of exercise and educate you on how to avoid injury.

Prevent Invasive Procedures

While surgery is at times inevitable, pre-surgical physical therapy could speed up recovery and improve post-surgery outcomes. Some individuals have found that going to a physical therapist has improved their range of motion and reduced their discomfort to the point where they no longer need surgery.

Manage Conditions or Illnesses

Physical therapy is applicable in various settings other than rehabilitation institutions. Dr. Rivera is skilled in managing conditions or illnesses, including weight, lung, and cardio-related disorders. For instance, persons with type 2 diabetes could profit from physical therapy because it helps them lose weight via movement, possibly lowering their need for drugs or susceptibility to stroke or heart disease.

Manage Aging

As you age, your body risks losing muscle strength and mass, rendering it challenging to maintain healthy body weight. Moreover, you are at higher risk for conditions like osteoarthritis, joint discomfort, and arthritis pain. Using his expertise in physical therapy, Dr. Rivera assists aging persons in better managing these concerns or reducing their risk for developing such conditions. He may suggest simple procedures like walking or at-home exercises.

Whether you have suffered an acute injury or are struggling with chronic pain, reach out to Dr. Rivera for a physical therapy consultation. Call the Crom Rehabilitation office or use the online booking tool to start today!