An Upbeat Mental Attitude Is Crucial

What’s the single most important ingredient for a tough head? Having “mental toughness” is something many athletes stress.

There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t hear or read about how crucial it is to have a tough mental attitude from respected coaches, players, and commentators. Although “mental toughness” is not often referenced in the context of sports, players nor coaches have a firm grasp on what it means or how it may be fostered.

For instance, it is common to hear a coach say something like, “We need greater mental fortitude in the second half if we’re going to get back into the game,” in the halftime interviews with coaches.

So, what exactly does it entail to be mentally tough?

Being confident in the fact that you are never “out of it” in a tightly contested event is a crucial part of having a strong mental game.

That is, a person with a great mental game will keep going to the very finish. While you will certainly work hard and play your hardest, there is still a potential that you may not come out on top in the end. The 75 Hard rules are essential here.

We cannot admit victory at this time.

Strong-minded gymnasts, for instance, would focus intently on the task at hand and do their very best if they knew they needed a personal best score in the event they were least skilled in if they wanted to finish on the podium.

When down by points with two minutes left to play, a mentally tough basketball team will still fight for boards and finish hard at the rim.

Rather of dwelling on their mistakes from the first half, a mentally tough football player will look for ways to make an impact in the second.

Achieving mental toughness is not as simple as pressing a button. You can’t expect to be mentally strong when the game is on the line if you don’t put in the effort to hone your mental game skills in training.

having a strong mind is a must.

Training to one’s absolute limitations, especially when one is physically and mentally spent, is a certain way to forge a resilient mind. You strengthen your mind when you keep at it until you master a talent that is difficult for you.

Creating mental toughness may be as simple as seeing yourself performing at your best despite the obstacles presented by the game. Athletes at any level may benefit greatly from developing their mental toughness via training. Athletes at the national level, such as those in the NHL, do not have a monopoly on mental toughness. Every athlete, regardless of age or skill level, has the potential to develop and hone their mental toughness.


To develop one’s mental fortitude, one must devote considerable time. You should see a Mental Game Coach to learn the best methods for developing mental fortitude, and then put what you learn into action on a consistent basis. Once you’ve accomplished that, and only then, will you be well on your way to being a top performer who is mentally robust.