How to Take Care of Aging Teeth 

For most people, brushing their teeth is the first self-care activity they learn. It starts from your childhood and continues till your hair becomes gray. Dental hygiene is essential and should not stop at any age. You should not slack off as you get older. Practicing oral hygiene in your old days is as important as doing it as a kid.

Old people’s teeth are perhaps in greater danger of developing problems because of their other medical problems. For example, heart disease can impact your teeth and gums. Therefore, old people need to take care of their teeth. If you or your elder loved one is experiencing dental problems, visit a dentist in Northeast Philadelphia

Tips to take care of aging teeth 

  •  Brush and floss daily. 

Your duties towards your oral health should not decrease just because you are getting old. Caring for your teeth in your old age is just as important as caring for them in your youth. Brush at least twice daily to remove food particles from the difficult corners of your mouth, and use floss to clean between your teeth. Bacteria and food particles can be removed from the oral cavity using a soft cloth for people with no teeth. 

  • Maintain regular dental visits. 

It becomes more difficult for aged people to maintain dental visits and travel often. However, there should not be any excuses for dental care. You should visit the dentist at least once in six months, and if you cannot travel to their clinic, plenty of dentists will be willing to visit you at home. While you may have to go to the clinic for treatment, routine check-ups can be done at home. 

  • Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash. 

Mouthwashes are as important as brushing and flossing, even though many people seem to skip this step. After you are done brushing and flossing, some bacteria may still linger in your mouth, waiting to cause your teeth damage. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash to completely rinse off the remaining bacteria in your mouth and prevent plaque buildup. 

  • Use fluoride. 

Fluoride is an important ingredient to strengthen your tooth enamel, the hard protective top layer of your teeth. Cavities are common in older people and form when your enamel gets damaged. You may be able to remineralize the enamel using fluoride toothpaste and in-clinic fluoride treatments. You can also buy a fluoride mouthwash for additional help. Your dentist may prescribe your fluoride toothpaste, with much better strength than OTC toothpaste.