Varicose Veins are Reversible: See a Vein Ablation Specialist

Varicose veins are more than an unsightly nuisance. They can lead to serious health complications, including venous insufficiency. Varicose veins occur when the valves in your legs fail and blood pools in the leg tissue, causing visible bulges that often itch or ache. When you have varicose in St. Louis, IL, it’s essential to see a vein ablation specialist who can help ease your symptoms with minimally invasive procedures like sclerotherapy or endovenous laser therapy. These experts in vein ablation in St. Louis will first examine the severity of the condition.

What is Vein Ablation?

Ablative procedures are conducted to destroy the veins in your legs, so blood flows normally again. During each process, a vein specialist inserts a thin tube called an ablation catheter into the varicose veins and delivers heat to them through radiofrequency waves or ultrasound waves. This causes damage to the lining of the vessels and blocks the malfunctioning veins from carrying blood.

There is no cutting or bleeding with vein ablation, and recovery time is significantly reduced compared with traditional surgery. Many people can return to work the same day.

Who Needs Ablation?

Ablative procedures are recommended for patients who suffer from varicose veins because it’s less invasive than other medical treatments. These procedures are ideal for people who want to avoid traditional surgery because it can be risky, especially if patients have existing health conditions like diabetes or obesity.

How to Prepare for the Procedure

Before the procedure, you will meet with your vein specialist to discuss any allergies or medical conditions you’re currently dealing with. If you’re sedentary for long periods during the day, this could impact your preparation. Your doctor will also need to know if you take blood thinners or aspirin, as these substances may increase your risk for bleeding during and after the procedure.

Symptoms That Require Treatment

Suppose you experience chronic pain that causes you to limp or take frequent breaks while walking. In that case, varicose veins that leave dark spots or purplish streaks on your legs, the feeling that your leg is “heavy” or “tired,” itchy skin, restless leg syndrome, even difficulty breathing you may require treatment.

A vein-ablation specialist can help rid you of these symptoms and restore your energy with minimally invasive procedures that effectively relieve pain and discomfort.

Is it a Safe Procedure?

Vein ablation is an effective way to treat varicose veins, but it’s also safe and efficient. Many vein specialists will only use this treatment if they’re sure it’s the best solution for each patient. There is no cutting or bleeding during vein ablation procedures, unlike painful surgery.

Patients who undergo the minimally invasive treatment will no longer have to deal with unsightly bulges or other symptoms that affect their quality of life.

After How Long will the Results Emerge?

Most people see an improvement in their symptoms after a single treatment, but some may require additional sessions for optimal results. The length of time you’ll need to wait for complete relief from your varicose veins will depend on the severity of your condition and the number of treatments you receive.

Varicose veins are one of the most common medical problems in adults, so it’s no surprise that people want a solution to this unsightly and sometimes painful condition. Fortunately, vein ablation is an excellent treatment option for patients who don’t want surgery or other invasive procedures because there’s slight bleeding, and recovery time is faster than traditional surgery.