Keeping Your Family Heavenly Healthy

Your life is always full of joy when your entire family is healthy and at peace. Worrying about infections or diseases affecting you or your loved one can potentially cause sleepless nights and stress. For this reason, it would be wise of you to ensure that your family receives the best medical care and disease prevention services available. The medical service provider should also offer comprehensive services so that you are not forced to move from hospital to hospital looking for specialists for different conditions. Family Life Medical proves to be one of the best in that field. They offer people from Conroe tattoo removal services, school physicals, women wellness procedures, hypertension treatment, geriatric care, and wellness exams, among many other medical care services. Let’s look at some of these services from a closer angle.

Well-women Exam

These exams are specific to women and are sometimes complex. They deserve a completely different kind of care. A well-women exam is a special procedure that specifically evaluates the overall health condition of women. The specialists at Family Life medical conducts this procedure through breast and pelvic examination. The process involves evaluating the current physical condition, previous medical history, sexually transmitted disease testing, cancer tests, and education on your overall health. The doctors recommend that you take your well-women exam annually, although it might require more frequent visits if you have any types of complications.


Hypertension is a severe condition where your blood pressure reading exceeds 120/80mmHg. The condition is commonly evident in people with risk factors like obesity, poor diet, alcoholism, sedentary lifestyles, and a family history of the same illness. The early stages of the illness have no apparent symptoms, but once the condition has developed, you are at the risk of stroke, heart failure, and, worst-case scenario, death. Lifestyle changes are the main recommendations to put hypertension under control, but in worse cases, the doctor may have you under prescribed medication.

Geriatric care

As people get older, their health risk factors increase and demand special treatment. Some conditions like diabetes, respiratory illnesses, arthritis, and heart disease become a concern with seniors. Therefore, you should take your seniors for regular geriatric check-ups to increase their chances of living longer and healthier. During geriatric check-ups, the doctor assesses the blood pressure, electrolyte and glucose levels, thyroid function, and heart function, among other risk areas. Specialists then address any underlying condition and advise on beneficial lifestyle practices. It is advisable to have your senior visit the doctor every year for a geriatric check-up.

A happy and healthy family brings you a piece of heaven. Do not risk your health by going to unskilled doctors and physicians who will have your family developing complications. Book an appointment or visit Family Life Medical.