What You Need To Know About Psychiatry

Psychiatry is a field in medicine that involves the study, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health conditions. Mental health conditions are very common and have affected many people worldwide. The facility for psychiatry in Glendale, AZ, offers treatments that help manage your mental health condition. Finding a solution for your mental disorders can help improve your overall health. We will look at things you need to know about psychiatry.

What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders. A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in mental health conditions. People seek psychiatric help for some reasons like thoughts of suicide, panic attacks, hallucinations, hearing voices, anxiousness, or feelings of sadness.


Mental suffering is not similar to other forms of illness. When the body gets sick, it affects the body. But when your mind is sick, it affects every part that makes you whole. Mental illness comes with negative feelings that dig deep into your sense of fear, helplessness, and loneliness. Psychiatrists need to do some tests to find a solution for these conditions.

Psychiatrists perform full psychological and laboratory tests after discussing the patient’s physical and mental state. They understand the relationship between medical and emotional illness and relationships with genetics, which helps them diagnose and come up with treatment plans for their patients.

Treatments used by psychiatrists

They use various treatments, such as psychotherapy, psychosocial treatments, and medications. Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, involves a talking relationship between the patient and the therapist. It treats a wide variety of mental and emotional disorders. Its main goal is to control and eliminate the extent of the problem. You will need a few sessions within two weeks. Psychotherapy can be done as a couple, family, or individually.

Many medications are used the same way to treat conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. After completing exams, your psychiatrist will prescribe some medications that specifically treat mental disorders. If you are on long-term medication, you will have to periodically meet with your psychiatrist to monitor your progress and note if there is a need to change your medication if the previous one is ineffective.

Mental disorders that require psychiatric care


Depression is one of the very common conditions that cause disability worldwide. It is caused by sadness, loss of interest, guilt, or poor concentration. Depression can be long-lasting, affecting your ability to function well and cope with daily life.


Dementia causes deterioration in the ability to process thoughts. It affects thinking, learning capacity, memory, and judgment. It is caused by various diseases and injuries affecting the brain, like stroke.

Bipolar disorder

This disorder consists of depressive and manic episodes. Manic episodes involve rapid speech, decreased need for sleep, and over-activity. If you have panic attacks and don’t experience depressive episodes, you are said to have bipolar disorder.

Your mental health is as important as your overall health. If you feel like you have a mental problem, make sure you see a psychiatrist to avoid suicidal thoughts. At the 2nd chance treatment center, we offer the best psychiatry care to our patients to help them manage both mental and emotional health. Contact us today and book an appointment.