June 21, 2022


Tips to Prepare for a Successful Telemedicine Appointment

Your health is critical, and in these modern times, you no longer have an excuse not to seek medical attention when needed. Telemedicine simplifies the process; an ideal approach if you are unable or unwilling to visit a doctor’s office in-person. Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care telemedicine appointments are hassle-free and effective, helping you save time and money while ensuring you receive quality medical care without potential exposure to other sick patients.

With telemedicine, you can address many concerns, from the management of chronic conditions to prenatal, mental health, urgent, and primary care, to mention a few. Nonetheless, a telemedicine appointment is only as productive as your preparation. You only need your laptop, tablet, or Smartphone and an internet connection for the virtual appointment. The top preparation tips that can ensure you get the most out of an appointment include:


The last thing you want is to be shocked when you realize that your insurance does not cover telehealth. Before scheduling an appointment, check with your insurance provider and confirm that they cover it and find out the amount of the required co-pay or deductible. Also, ensure that the doctor you pick accepts your insurance. The financial burden is among the top reasons people fail to seek medical attention. With such information, you will know that the telemedicine appointment is well within your financial capacity, making it less stressful to pursue this option, even for future needs.

Time and location

You can access telemedicine virtually anywhere. This does not mean you shouldn’t consider the timing of your appointment. Scheduling an appointment when you are likely to be in busy places like the subway or on a bus commuting to or from work is unproductive. Pick a time you can be in a distraction-free space like at home or in your office. Also, ensure that you are in a quiet, well-lit location, with good internet coverage. This will ensure that the session proceeds with as few interruptions and distractions as possible.


Arm yourself with everything you need for the session. This includes:

  • A list of questions you need to ask: Anxiety is common during doctor’s appointments. You don’t want the session to end only to realize you forgot to ask important questions you want to be answered. Having made a list beforehand and marking items off during the appointment ensures that you address those pressing concerns.
  • Medical details: If you are on a prescription or taking over-the-counter medication/supplements, keep them close. If the appointment is not with your primary care doctor, have their name and other important details about them ready. This includes specialists you have seen in the recent past. Also, be sure to have your health insurance identification card around. If co-pays and/or deductibles are applicable, have your credit card information easily accessible.


How do you take your notes? A pen and notebook or your device should be within reach, ensuring that you can easily jot down those important details. This could range from follow-up dates, recommended measures like dieting and exercise, symptoms to watch out for, medication you need, and prescription guidelines, to mention a few.

Telemedicine can help you stay on top of your medical care. It is convenient and does not take much effort. Contact Prime Choice Family Clinic & Urgent Care today to schedule a virtual visit appointment.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Physical Therapy

If you have been suffering from chronic pain for three months or longer, you are not alone. In fact, as per the American Academy of Pain Medicine, nearly 100M persons in the United States suffer from chronic pain. Regrettably, this also implies that people’s reliance on prescription pharmaceuticals is constantly growing. This need for pain-management medicines has resulted in the opioid crisis you are all too aware of today. For this reason, numerous U.S. citizens are seeking safer pain management options. Physical therapy is a non-intrusive, natural, and safe treatment of chronic pain. Read on to learn more about how physical therapy Medford can assist you in obtaining relief without the use of hazardous pain-relieving drugs.

What Are The Benefits Of Physical Therapy?

  1. Enhanced Physical Performance

Engaging in physical therapy is an enjoyable experience that might motivate you to participate actively in your pain treatment. Physical therapy sessions can run anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, allowing you to collaborate with your therapist to reach your goals. Besides, physical therapy is ultimately the only natural, risk-free, and active approach to pain alleviation that has long-term results.

  1. A Treatment Plan That Is Unique To You

Besides passive therapies, your physical therapist will design an active exercise program for you that is tailored to your individual healing needs. Physical activity can dramatically reduce pain while reducing inflammation, enhancing motion range, aiding healing, and boosting general endurance and strength.

  1. Safe And Non-Intrusive Therapies

Some prevalent procedures that your physical therapist can provide include massage, joint mobilization, ultrasound, and electrical nerve stimulation. These procedures are all-natural remedies with a low chance of adverse effects, especially when contrasted to conventional pain-relieving options like drugs and surgery.

  1. Treatments Backed By Reliable Medical Experts

Physical therapy’s effectiveness has been demonstrated in various ways, including thorough research and rigorous investigation. These studies have offered solid data supporting physical therapy treatments, demonstrating how they can effectively treat a wide range of pain-related concerns. Physical therapists can dramatically enhance their patient outcomes by using care supported by scientific research.

  1. Pain Relief That Targets The Root Cause Of The Pain

Physical therapy’s success is partly because it goes to the root of the problem instead of simply hiding it. Pills may be simpler to swallow for pain relief, but their effectiveness is fleeting. Many drugs’ effects only last one to two days, so you will have to keep popping tablets if you want to keep feeling better. It essentially hides the discomfort while failing to address the underlying issue. During your initial consultation, your physical therapist will conduct a complete assessment to establish the source of your pain and the most effective treatment options.

Ultimately, all the advantages of physical therapy cannot fit in one write-up. Nonetheless, this article should serve as an informative piece for anybody who may not be aware of the significance of physical therapy. Whether you are struggling with arthritis, back, hip, joint, knee, or another form of chronic or acute pain, the physical therapists at Southern Oregon Orthopedics & Paragon Orthopedic Center can help. Your doctor will design a care plan tailored to your unique needs to give you the most effective passive and active therapy. Call one of the offices in Grants Pass or Medford, Oregon, or use the online booking tool to arrange an appointment right away.

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3 Signs You May Need A Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implant restoration has garnered popularity over the past few years. Not only does it look and function almost identically to a natural tooth, but they provide other benefits like bone-preserving properties. So, what should you expect with dental implant restoration? What are the reasons to consider this procedure? To find out this and much more about Tomball dental implant restoration, check out this post.

What Is The Process Of Dental Implant Restoration?

The dental implant is surgically implanted into an individual’s jaw, serving as a replacement for a lost tooth. This implant can take up to six months to merge with the surrounding bone structures and become a permanent component of the patient’s jaw. The oral prosthetic is subsequently fitted with a restoration such as a dental bridge or crown to replace any missing teeth. As a result, whenever an individual bites down on anything, bite pressures are delivered into the person’s jaw, keeping your bone tissues healthy.

What Are The Reasons Your Dentist May Suggest A Dental Implant Restoration?

Obtaining a dental implant restoration necessitates minor dental surgery; thus, the patient must be in good health to endure the process. Persons with diabetes or other illnesses that weaken their immune systems and make a recovery from surgery more difficult are assessed individually to see if implants are the best option for them.

Some of the common signs patients may require a dental implant restoration include:

  1. Missing Teeth

It should be no surprise since implants are meant to replace missing teeth; thus, anybody who lacks teeth can benefit from them. Implants are the sole missing tooth option that preserves the patient’s jawbone tissue by replacing the dental roots.

Implants are also more convenient for lost teeth than other oral prosthetics because they do not require specialized care. The same is not true about dentures, which must be cleaned daily or soaked in a denture cleaner. All that is required for implant upkeep is flossing and brushing.

  1. Ill-Fitting Dentures

Dentures are the most cost-effective approach to replacing missing teeth, but they have certain disadvantages. To begin the process, dentures are held in position by suction, which results in varying levels of stability. These oral prostheses frequently shift in the mouth of the wearer, irritating soft tissues and creating ulcers.

It is more difficult to speak and eat with implants because of their lesser stability. Unfortunately, dentures could slip out of the patient’s mouth when eating or speaking in other circumstances.

Dentures could be anchored by implants, making them as stable as natural teeth. Besides, Implant-supported dentures can be removable or put in place permanently.

  1. Severely Shattered Tooth

Dentists often try to repair fractured teeth with root canals or crown implantation, but these treatments are not always accessible. If a tooth is extensively shattered to be salvaged with other procedures, your dentist may suggest eliminating the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant restoration.

The more you wait to replace a missing tooth, the more you risk dental health concerns such as dental misalignment and bone degradation. Obtaining dental implant restoration at Russell Family Dentistry allows you to regain the complete function of your smile. Call the Tomball, TX office or use the online booking tool to arrange a consultation today with Dr. Louis Russell Jr to determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure.

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