April 1, 2022


How To Find A Family Dentist In 6 Steps

Finding a good dental practice is something you need to do when you have young kids. You want your children to be comfortable seeing the dentist from a young age, and you also want them to be assured that they will get the best care possible. There are many different dental practices, so it can be challenging to determine which type of practice is the best choice for your family. Dr. Shiva Salehi, a family dentist, based in Fair Oaks, CA, is often the best option if you need someone who can take care of the dental health of your entire family. But how do you find one? Here are some tips.

Ask Your Pediatrician For a Referral

Your pediatrician will likely have an idea about which practices they recommend to their patients, so you should ask them if they have any suggestions of where you can take your kids. You could also ask friends or family members with young children who they go to for their dental services.

Look on The Internet

The internet can be a beneficial way to find a family dentist since you will have so many options at your disposal. In addition to this, if you use a search engine like Google or Bing, you will also see which practices show up in the top 10 search results. This will give you a good idea about which practices are the most popular, meaning that other people may have had a positive experience at those dental offices.

Schedule an Appointment Once You Find Possible Matches

Once you have compiled a list of a few dental offices that could be a good fit for your family, schedule appointments at each one. Most offices should be able to get you in for an appointment the same day, so once your kids are available, it’s not too hard to get them all in at the same time to see if this is a good fit.

Remember That no Dentist Will be Perfect for Everyone

One of the most important things to remember when looking for a family dentist is that no two people are exactly alike. What works for your friends or family members may not work for you, and what works for you may not work at all for someone else. Be sure to consider this when comparing the different dental offices that you find in your search.

Ask About Their Operation Hours

In many cases, you will need to find a dentist who is open on Saturdays, so be sure to consider this when looking at different offices. The hours of operation should be listed on each dental office’s website, or you can always call and ask them about it over the phone.

Make Sure They Have The Necessary Equipment 

Since your kids must visit the dentist regularly, you want to ensure that they take proper care of them. Check that the dental office has all the equipment necessary to perform procedures like cleanings and checkups. 

In summary, finding a family dentist can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you take the time to do your research. Look online and ask around to find a dental office right for you and your family members. Remember that no two dentists are the same and that you must choose one who can provide the services your kids need.

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5 Benefits of Sports Medicine and Therapy

Your body needs to maintain high physicality and performance in the field; however, sometimes, it may fail you. You would feel tired after long hours in the field or develop injuries due to overused joints, muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. So, what do you do when the demand on your body overwhelms you? It is advisable that you reach out to a sports medicine specialist in West Orange near you who can guide you to improve your physical health and performance in the field. You should see a physical therapist who can develop customized treatment for sports injuries.

They Prevent Athletic Injuries

The physical therapist will teach you the correct techniques which improve your health and prevent injuries. The ligaments, muscle injuries, and broken bones might slow down sports performance. The sports therapist will assess your strength and limitations and develop a customized training program that does not strain the tissues.

The Doctors Offer Immediate Pain Relief

Engaging in aggressive sports without hurting your joints is possible if you engage in physical therapy. The doctor will help you develop the proper techniques which prevent strain during aggressive sports. They will educate you about using hot and cold packs to treat damaged areas. Needling might help alleviate pain, and the sports therapist would use it for physiotherapy pain. The treatment reduces muscular tension, and targeting the painful areas might improve your life. These rapid pain treatment options help reduce the reliance on opioids for pain management, impacting an athlete’s performance in the field.

The Doctor Would Treat Athletic Injuries

Your sports doctor will treat athletic injuries; although the doctor will do everything to prevent the sports injuries, accidents do happen on the field. Contact injuries are severe, and a regular doctor might not treat the contact sports injuries effectively. A sports doctor will treat the injuries and suggest physical activities that increase joint motion range.

Sports Medicine Improves Relaxation

A sports doctor will emphasize the importance of relaxation after a field activity; relaxing might be as crucial as warm-up exercises. It helps your body unwind after strenuous activities; the relaxation allows your muscles to regain energy and improve your health. You can replenish your energy with relaxation at the end of the day. However, you should not take prolonged time away from the exercises, as you would need frequent exercises to perform effectively in the field.

Sports Medicine Enhances Physical Strength

Your sports doctor and physical therapist will help build your physical strength. The therapist will strengthen ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints. Physical strength will improve your performance in the field, making it easy to reach your full potential. The enhanced physical strength will help you withstand physical stress during sports.

Final Thoughts

Sports overuse of joint muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues results in wear and tear. Unfortunately, your primary caregiver might not treat the sports injuries effectively, and they would recommend a sports doctor and therapist. Sports doctors would improve your physical strength, educate you on the proper techniques that reduce sports injuries, and offer immediate relief for sports injuries and pain. Good luck finding a sports injuries doctor who will deal with your issues effectively.

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Ever Conscious with Your Smile? Consider Teeth Whitening

A bright smile is a sign of good health and a great way to boost self-confidence. But did you know that 80% of people have some form of tooth discoloration? The most common forms are yellowing from foods or beverages, surface stains from coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks, and tobacco products. To get the beautiful white smile you deserve, several options for teeth whitening are available in Greenwich, Connecticut. The dentists will follow the proper steps in making your teeth pearly white. Target the best Greenwich teeth whitening specialist.

What is a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Professional teeth whitening is the safest and most popular way to brighten your smile. Professional teeth whitening treatments can yield dramatic results, often making a person’s teeth whiter than they have ever been before. 

Professional treatments may involve in-office visits with custom trays or take-home trays. With custom trays, the dentist or hygienist will apply a protective gel to protect your gums and then place custom trays in your mouth. A special peroxide gel is placed inside the trays, which contains a high concentration of peroxide (35-55%). 

Then you bite down on the trays to hold them in place while the whitening solution does its work. A home bleaching kit is used with take-home trays to apply the whitening solution inside custom-fitted trays. These will be worn for a few hours a day until your whiter teeth are achieved.

Who Should Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?

If you have yellowing or light stains on your teeth from drinking coffee or smoking, or if you are looking for a brighter smile, then professional teeth whitening is the best option. Professional teeth whitening may not be recommended for people with crowns, tooth-colored fillings (versus silver amalgam), veneers, and some types of bonding.

Why is Teeth Whitening Significant?

The results from professional whitening are fast. Professional treatment can yield results in a few short office visits and sometimes even one appointment. The procedure has no downtime and can be performed during your lunch hour. After teeth whitening, you are ready to eat or drink right away. 

However, lower the consumption of the most common foods that are yellowing or beverages surface stains from coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks, and tobacco products. To get the beautiful white smile you deserve, several options for teeth whitening are available.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Teeth Discoloration

There are many reasons you lose your pearly white smile. For some, it is due to genetics and aging, but for most people, it’s due to everyday activities such as drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or even smoking. As teeth age, they tend to discolor from stains from the foods and beverages you consume. Teeth also become less white as you age, and the enamel becomes visibly thinner. 

Pit and fissure sealants, a form of dental restoration placed on the chewing surfaces to prevent tooth decay, can also cause teeth to look less natural over time; those areas will require extensive bleaching to restore their natural appearance. Professional whitening is an excellent way to correct surface staining and discoloration, as well as brighten teeth.

You all want a bright and beautiful smile, but sometimes your teeth can become stained or discolored over time. Thankfully, many professional teeth whitening procedures are available to help you achieve the pearly whites you desire. It’s good to know what to expect from a professional teeth whitening procedure and who should consider it.

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