April 7, 2022


The Importance of the Different Cancer Screening Tests

Most people are hesitant to schedule cancer screening due to fear of positive results. However, living in ignorance is not any better. Knowing your tests results is usually the first step in eradicating the disease. It is normal to get depressed or overwhelmed when the results are not in your favor. But on the flip side, early cancer detection helps prevent cancer from spreading. Treating the disease during its onset stages is easier, less costly, and enhances your chances of survival. You should talk with your doctor at Life Imaging Fla to understand what cancer screening involves.

Cancer screening tests


A mammogram is a test that can screen for cancer in women with no breast complaints or can be used for diagnostic purposes. It involves the use of x-rays which produce internal images of your breast’s structure. The test can show abnormalities in the breasts, such as a lump but cannot establish the presence of cancer. Additional tests such as biopsies can be done to determine whether the tumors are cancerous. The testing process is not painful, but you may experience slight discomfort as the plates press against your breast. Although the process is generally safe, discuss it with your doctor, especially pregnant, as the x-rays could cause congenital disabilities.


A colonoscopy is a test used to check for abnormalities or changes in your large intestines and rectum. The test is minimally invasive, where the doctor uses a colonoscope to view the inside of the colon. If there is a presence of abnormal growths, a biopsy may be required for close examination. Individuals aged 50 and above and those at risk for colorectal cancer should get screened regularly. As part of the preparations before testing, your specialist may advise you to avoid eating solid foods and stick to liquids. You may also need to take a laxative that helps empty your bowel the night before or the morning of the procedure. Although complications hardly occur, there is a possibility of a perforation in the colon, bleeding, and reaction to the sedative used.

Pap smear

It is used to test for cervical cancer, but it can also detect abnormal cells that are not necessarily cancerous. Getting a Pap smear test is the first step to preventing or stopping the development of cervical cancer. One of the significant downsides of a Pap test is that abnormal cells could go undetected. This does not imply the test was wrongly conducted, but it could be due to a small number of abnormal cells and inadequate cells collection. However, since cancer cells take time to develop, the next test may detect any abnormal cells.

Low-dose helical CT

It is a lung screening test used to detect cancer in the lungs of healthy people who are at risk for the disease. Examples include older adults and chronic smokers. During the test, you will need to lie flat and remain still on a table as it passes through a machine. You are required to hold your breath during scanning for clarity in test results.

If you want to get screened for cancer, book a session with your doctor today at Life Imaging Fla.

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5 Oral Sleep Appliances Benefits You Should Consider

Sleep apnea can be effectively managed through oral appliance therapy. If this is your case, you definitely need an expert to address your issue. Dr. Barry Chase offers this safe, non-invasive, and highly effective therapy to manage sleep apnea symptoms such as snoring at any severity of your condition. In most cases, oral appliances are used as an alternative to CPAP machines or surgery, especially for back or stomach sleepers. The devices mainly prevent airway obstruction while you sleep, with several incredible benefits. Here are several ways you can gain from using sleep apnea oral appliances. Have a look.

Get Quality Sleep

This is one of the most obvious and main benefits of using oral appliances for sleep apnea. The devices allow you to have less interrupted sleep with no snoring, some of the sleep apnea that affects the quality of your sleep. You will realize that you get a better night’s sleep when you wear the devices than when without. However, the devices need to be appropriately fit for effectiveness. Therefore, please consult your doctor adequately and follow their instructions carefully when fitting the appliances.

Use with Ease

Comparing oral appliances to CPAP machines makes using the devices more accessible. There are few pieces to track down or remember connecting since the devices are designed. This increases your likelihood to use the devices more consistently, improving their effectiveness. They are also more convenient for you if you are an active sleeper since they will not be easily knocked off when tossing and turning during sleep.

At Your Comfort

Many patients who have used oral appliances for sleep apnea have found the devices comfortable to wear. When you find the devices comfortable for you, they motivate you to improve their consistency. In return, the potential adverse short-term or long-term effects of sleep apnea are reduced, improving your life’s overall quality. Note that using the appliances consistently minimizes your irritability and daytime drowsiness while improving concentration.


Having a friend overnight or living with a family member cannot be very comfortable when using the CPAP machines. But with an oral appliance, you can ease your sleep apnea symptoms more discreetly. The devices fit correctly in your mouth, while others are even made with translucent material to make you feel less embarrassed about using the devices. You get to treat your sleep apnea and remain confident and feel better about yourself.

Manage Underlying Issues

Some sleep apnea appliances may not only manage your active symptoms but also address the underlying problem causing your breathing issues. This means that when you achieve your desired results, you might not need to wear the appliances again. For example, the ALF appliance can straighten and bring your arches and teeth into proper alignment to clear the airway and manage TMJ disorders to some extent. Some people diagnosed with sleep apnea are diagnosed with TMJ disorder, bruxism, or clenching. The good news is that you can manage these issues at once with oral appliances.

You can benefit from oral appliances in many ways if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea and have symptoms like snoring. Most importantly, you get to get quality sleep and improve your overall well-being and quality of your life. Learn if the treatment is right for you by talking to Dr. Chase at Chase Dental Sleepcare. You can book an online appointment today.

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Invisalign

Invisalign has made it easier than before to straighten your teeth without the need for wires in your mouth. Whether your teeth are crooked, unevenly spaced, or overcrowded, no more worries as getting Invisalign in Midtown West Manhattan could be the best orthodontic treatment to end your problem. Many patients who have tried the treatment have reported positive feedback and are satisfied with the results, and you can be one of them. The modern orthodontic treatment ensures you attain a beautiful straight smile you can feel confident sharing with others. Here we look at five benefits of using Invisalign. Follow through.

No One Will Notice

You do not want everyone looking at you to notice the device in your mouth. This works for Invisalign since the aligners are clear and are made from a thin but durable material making them less noticeable on your mouth. The devices fit perfectly on different teeth textures, and combining this with their thin frame; they become more discreet compared to other orthodontic treatments. This means you can try the devices no matter your profession since it boosts your confidence and self-esteem knowing that no one notices them.

Get a Versatile Treatment

Consider discussing Invisalign with your doctor when dealing with several bite and alignment issues. You do not need several treatments since the treatment can address several issues all at once. Invisalign can work well for you when dealing with gapped, overcrowded, overlapping, or crooked teeth. It can also help you manage bite issues like overbite, crossbite, underbite, and open bites, all at once. This makes your overall treatment even cheaper than seeking treatment for every issue.

Convenient Treatment

Invisalign aligners offer a flexible treatment option, unlike some orthodontic treatments. The devices are removable, making them easy to clean and eat. In most cases, your diet and oral health care routines will not be affected when using the devices. Additionally, it is easier to maintain the devices with fewer complications. You will not have many visits to the dentist since you can fit the devices yourself without the doctor being present. But you have to ensure you consult your dentist adequately to ensure you do the right thing.  Even if you need to see your dentist, the visits will be fewer since only a few adjustments are needed.

An Effective Treatment

Invisalign aligners have been used for decades and proven as effective as metal braces, only with added advantages. The mechanism is similar to using metal braces despite employing a different orthodontic appliance to shift the teeth. Both treatments will apply gradual pressure to your teeth, shifting them over time, and have been found to produce similar results. But braces involve brackets and an archwire which may not be pleasant.

Affordable Treatment

There is a widespread belief that Invisalign aligners are expensive, but that is not entirely true. You will pay about the same price as you would have paid for traditional metal braces. Although the cost depends on several factors like your unique needs, there are several ways to offset the total cost, like insurance or monthly payment plans depending on your provider.

Invisalign aligners are effective, affordable, convenient, versatile, and discreet. Do not look further when looking forward to straightening your teeth in Midtown West Manhattan; reach out to Carnegie Dental Wellness today or book an online appointment for consultations.

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