March 29, 2022


Practical Management Techniques for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis causes excruciating symptoms that may limit your mobility, preventing you from enjoying your life. Additionally, it can lead to other diseases such as osteoarthritis and cause damage to other parts of your body. The specialists at the Osteoporosis and Rheumatology Center of Tampa Bay offer effective treatments to prevent the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis refers to a progressive autoimmune disorder that causes swelling, pain, and inflammation in your joints. As this disorder progresses, it can result in joint deformity, loss of function, and irreversible destruction. Rheumatoid arthritis can destroy your joints, lungs, skin, blood vessels, and eyes. This disorder occurs when the immune system turns against your body tissues mistakenly. Rheumatoid arthritis destroys your joint linings, leading to common deformity or bone erosion. The inflammation resulting from rheumatoid arthritis can cause detrimental effects on other parts of your body. Early detection of this disorder prevents permanent deformities, and with proper treatment, you can slow down its progression.

How can you know if you have rheumatoid arthritis?

The signature symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are inflammation and chronic joint pain. RA leads to irreversible destruction of the same type of joint on both limbs. This is how you can distinguish this form of arthritis from other conditions such as osteoarthritis. Your signs and symptoms exacerbate as the disease worsens. Your symptoms may include:

  • Joint deformities and loss of joint function
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excruciating pain in the affected joints
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Low-grade fever
  • Swollen, warm, and tender joints
  • Joint stiffness that worsens after a long period of inactivity or in the morning

Early rheumatoid arthritis affects smaller joints such as your fingers and your toes. As the disease deteriorates, it may spread to your knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, hips, and ankles. Periods of severe symptoms are medically known as flares, alternating with periods of remission. Over time, your joints may shift out, limiting your walking ability.

What factors increase your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis?

The causative factors of rheumatoid arthritis are unknown, but factors may increase your chances of developing it. They include:

  • Your sex. Women are more vulnerable to getting rheumatoid arthritis
  • Being overweight
  •  Family history of the disease
  • Smoking
  • Age. Older adults are more likely to develop the disorder

How can you treat arthritis?

Medical experts are yet to discover a cure for rheumatoid arthritis, but several noninvasive and invasive procedures can slow its progression. Your doctor may begin by recommending antirheumatic drugs to prevent complications resulting from the disease. Your treatment depends on the severity of your health condition. Your doctor may recommend may also recommend the following:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to alleviate your pain
  • Corticosteroid medications like prednisone to prevent joint damage
  • Conventional DMARDS
  • Biologic response modifiers
  • Therapy
  • Surgery

You can also adopt healthy lifestyle habits to supplement your medications. You try exercising regularly, relaxing, and applying cold or heat to reduce the intensity of your symptoms.

For more information about rheumatoid arthritis, call the Osteoporosis Rheumatology Center office or book your spot online.

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Top Reasons To Seek Second Opinions

Second opinions in medicine are sought after when a patient’s doctor’s diagnosis differs from the patient’s beliefs. Many factors can cause this disparity, but it is most commonly due to the doctor being unaware of your entire medical history. The purpose of seeking a second opinion is to ensure that all possible treatment options are explored. However, it is crucial to be aware that should a doctor disagree with one’s preliminary diagnosis or suggest other tests and treatments, there could be an underlying reason for this. But why should you visit a doctor for second opinions in Philadelphia? Here are some reasons why you may need second opinions.

To Explore All Available Options

Medical advancements have been made worldwide, but there are still cases where no known answer will solve a patient’s problem. In these cases, doctors search for other options and possibilities to help their patients feel better. When a doctor is unsure about a diagnosis or treatment plan, you can use second opinions to determine what other options may benefit the patient.

You can also use it to explore the effectiveness of other treatments doctors have not yet tried. The more medical professionals you speak with, the more likely it will have helpful information for your particular case.

Lack of Confidence in Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Sometimes a doctor is not entirely confident in the diagnosis or treatment plan they have given. They may be uncertain about their patient’s reaction to certain medications, side effects that may occur during testing periods, or just how specific effective treatments will be.

A lack of confidence in one’s diagnosis can also stem from the fact that there isn’t enough information available to make a proper judgment. This is why second opinions can be essential and beneficial, as they will provide more than one doctor’s view of the situation.

To Address Concerns About the Risks of a Treatment Plan

When a doctor presents you with a diagnosis or treatment plan, you must understand the risks. If you do not feel comfortable taking these risks for yourself, then you can use second opinions to explore other options.

Even if there are no concerns about the risks or benefits of a particular treatment plan, you can still use second opinions to ensure that all possible options are considered.

To Meet Insurance Requirements

Most health insurance companies require that a patient meets with a second doctor before agreeing to cover the cost of treatment. If you feel that something is wrong, but your doctor hasn’t provided an alternative diagnosis, visiting a different medical professional may be beneficial for finding additional options and treatments.

Doctors specializing in niche cases have the most experience and may give a more accurate diagnosis. This can prove helpful if you have had minor symptoms without receiving a proper diagnosis for an extended period.

In summary, a second opinion is just an opinion about your case that differs from the first. Some of the most common reasons people seek second opinions in medicine include lack of confidence in your doctor’s recommendations, exploring all available options, or addressing concerns about the risks of specific treatments. In some cases, you may need second opinions to meet insurance requirements.

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If You Have Diabetes, You can Manage Your Condition.

Farmers Branch, Texas, is probably not the first place that people think of when it comes to diabetes. However, Dallas’ farming community might not be as safe from this disease as once thought. Although only about six percent of Americans have diabetes, research shows that many more are at risk for developing it in their lifetime. The number of people who have diabetes is growing, and managing the condition is crucial. Farmers Branch diabetes patients should know that they can manage their disease by doing the following:

Learn About Your Condition

Doctors recommend that people who have been diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes learn everything they can about their condition. Diabetes education is a vital part of managing the disease and being healthy. Learn how to test blood glucose levels, check food labels for nutritional information and learn what you can do to prevent your condition from worsening. Learning more about your condition can help you understand how to manage it and what you can do to stay healthy.

Take Medications

The proper medications can help people minimize their symptoms and prevent diabetes complications. If you take the right medications, you should experience fewer side effects than ever before. Although some people with diabetes may have to switch drugs or try several different prescriptions first, your doctor should be able to find the best treatment plan for your condition. Develop a relationship with your doctor and communicate any concerns you have about your medication which will help ensure that they are getting the correct prescriptions to manage your diabetes better.

Eat The Right Foods

A healthy, balanced diet is critical for anyone who has diabetes. A good diet can help control blood glucose levels and minimize the risk of heart disease and other complications. However, you may need to make some changes before creating a healthy diet plan. Start by avoiding sugary sodas and limiting the number of processed foods in your diet. Instead, eat more whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables to improve your health. Exercise regularly and control portion sizes to help keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day.

Lose Weight

The right weight management plan can help people with diabetes avoid heart disease, stroke, and other complications. Although you may only need to lose a few pounds to see significant improvements, many people with diabetes struggle to make lasting changes. If you do not think you can lose weight on your own, consider speaking with a doctor about bariatric surgery or another form of weight loss surgery. This type of surgery can help people lose a significant amount of weight and make the changes they need to improve their health.

Exercise Regularly

A balanced diet is crucial for people who have diabetes. However, exercise can also help improve your health. Walking, jogging, and swimming are all great exercises that can help control blood sugar levels, build strength and boost overall wellbeing. Start by walking around the block or doing some stretches before bed to get into a good routine. Then take a walk with a partner or join a local gym to start other exercises.

People diagnosed with diabetes should learn how to manage their condition as soon as possible. Educating themselves about the disease and developing good habits can help them feel better, lose weight and improve their overall wellbeing. Farmers Branch patients should speak with a doctor before making any changes to their treatment plan.

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Why do you need cosmetic surgery?

There are many reasons why people opt for cosmetic surgery. While some want to change a feature that they have never liked before, others want to look younger. In almost all instances, the decision is usually personal. Setting realistic expectations is one of the keys to a successful cosmetic surgical procedure. It would help if you remembered that cosmetic surgery wouldn’t make you look like someone else or solve your problems. However, it may improve your sense of well-being and increase your self-confidence. Discuss your expectations with a board-certified surgeon such as Matthew J. Lynch MD and listen to their verdict.

Preparing for surgery

Before you seek plastic surgery, you need to have good self-esteem, know the procedure’s risks, and be in good health. It would be best if you asked yourself the following questions;

What are your reasons for considering plastic surgery?

Improving your image is one of the healthiest reasons to have a cosmetic procedure. A strong self-image enables you to be comfortable with your relationships, effective in social situations and work, and more confident.

How realistic are your expectations?

Having achievable expectations is one of the essential things. The procedure has limitations, though it can dramatically alter your appearance. 

How emotionally prepared are you for the procedure?

Cosmetic surgery might be wrong for you in certain situations. They include periods of emotional distress such as the death of a loved one, loss of a job, or divorce. Also, surgeons often discouraged people with mental conditions and obsessions with perfection.

Do you have the necessary support?

Emotional and physical support during your recovery is essential. As you go through the healing process, you will notice that you feel depressed sometimes. Always think about who is willing to support you but ignore the critical comments from others.

Benefits of cosmetic surgery

The primary benefit of the procedure is to improve one’s self-image. However, there are other benefits it can provide, such as;

Improved self-confidence

You always feel good when you look good. You will also notice a greater willingness to socialize and try new things. Improvements to self-image naturally mean boosted self-confidence.

Better physical health

Apart from your looks, some cosmetic procedures also positively impact your physical health. For instance, rhinoplasty improves the aesthetics of the nose and improves breathing. Also, breast reduction surgery relieves physical discomfort and, at the same time, improves body contour.

Improved mental health

Because of new feelings of self-confidence brought by their new looks, some people experience a reduction in social anxiety after a procedure. It offers you a sense of greater control over your life.

Loss of extra weight

Some patients, especially those who undergo body contouring, will find it simpler to maintain healthy weights after their cosmetic procedure. They may feel motivated to keep a healthy diet routine and follow an exercise program due to the great outcome of the surgery. This way, you can maintain a healthier body and decrease the risk of certain ailments.

If you decide to pursue a cosmetic procedure, ensure you choose a specialist certified by a board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The facility must also be accredited and licensed in its state of operation. You should always be committed to your treatment choices.

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What Can Generally Drive People to Self-Medicate?

Self-medicating for mental diseases increases the risk of abusing alcohol or drugs, and healthy people need to understand the reason for doing it. To some extent, alcohol brings peace and internal tranquility, and they may love it, or they may believe that a shot of cocaine perhaps is the only thing, which can help them get through a day that is full of deadlines.

Generally, these are a few of the justifications given by drug users for their drug use. People who suffer from mental diseases may choose to self-medicate in addition to using drugs or alcohol. Outsiders would have a hard time understanding this type of self-medication, yet it is a real condition.

A mood disorder is the most common classification for depression. Sadness, loss of interest, and rage are common emotions and sensations connected with it. These depressionsymptoms can hurt the quality of life of a person and can cause personal and professional setbacks.

Depression is a significant element in people’s mental health. Counseling, therapy, drugs, or all of the self-medication-related behaviors stated above are generally included in this sort of therapy.

Self-medication can always lead to addiction. The number of people affected by drug addiction in the country is rising and self-medication is also one of the main reasons for that. Concise Recovery Center offers premier addiction detox as well as recovery treatment from their rehab in San Fernando Valley.

All the credentialed staff members are well-equipped for handling even the most complex types of cases, because of their expertise in addiction treatment right from alcohol to benzodiazepines.

Why do people take medications of their own?

When a person is in pain, irrespective of he or she has the option of self-medicating to relieve the discomfort. As a result, self-medication has become engrained in the minds of thousands of people.

However, unless you work well within your bounds, self-medication will not eliminate any need for expert medical attention, and self-medication does not replace any professional doctor.

Self-medication before to a handicap or fire does not add up, as it lays the groundwork for a crippling back injury. The majority of the time, you will discover that these actions do not significantly modify your initial plan for coping with a specific incident.

As part of our mental health rehabilitation, we must incorporate new methods to cope with our chronic stress and suffering into the healing process. For mental diseases, new tactics must be included in self-medication and recovery procedures.

Learning how to get adapted to conditions of life ultimately will mean learning the way to adjust to them because the ultimate goal of life is to adjust to its parameters.

You can always question your doctor about them to ensure that the drug you are taking is safe. You can continue to eat a healthy diet rich in foods that boost immunity and engage in physical activity while at home during the lockdown.

If you are suffering symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, or difficulty breathing, you should see a doctor immediately rather than self-medicating.

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What Are the Ways to Prevent Addiction of Alcohol and Its Abuse?

Alcohol consumption is very normal amongst people when it is taken occasionally. However, when it becomes a habit or a dependence then it is a little dangerous. Any kind of addiction or abuse cannot be taken lightly. Fortunately, we do have many ways to get rid of this alcohol addiction.

What is the risk of alcohol abuse?

Alcohol addiction can happen to anyone anytime regardless of age, but a person becomes dependent on it due to various reasons. The chances of addiction increase due to the following factors:

  • A family history of addiction’
  • Living in an environment where drinking is encouraged or has easy accessibility to alcohol
  • People going through emotional troubles
  • Adolescents who have been monitored less by their parents and who are surrounded by people who encourage drinking

If you have someone who has reached this stage of addiction, then it is the right time to take medical advice. You need to go for evidence-based treatments such as rehab, behavioral therapy, and counseling. Genesis recovery located in La Mesa California is good for its alcohol and drug addiction treatments. They use this method of spiritually therapeutic treatment which includes prayers, bible studies, weekly church service, and bonfire meetings. This will help an individual build a relationship with the power greater than all of us.

What are the prevention methods for the same?

Firstly, start with the teens and young adults

  • As a parent, have an open conversation with your kid regarding alcohol use. Let them know about the risks that are involved in consuming alcohol at a younger age. Set rules for them and give examples about the negative effects of alcohol on these younger kids and what they do to their bodies. Having a conversation will not only build trust between the parent and the child but also lower the chances of them getting addicted to alcohol or any substances.
  • If you have alcohol at home, then watch for the activities of your teen and his friends. Talk to their friend’s parents too so that they know what you don’t want your kid to be involved in.
  • If you find your kids under stress, then teach them some methods, which can lower the stress other than alcohol.

Preventing alcohol as an adult

If you as an adult are into alcohol addiction, then lookout for ways to lower your addictions. Remember you are responsible for your own actions

  • Know your drinking limits before you get involved in it.
  • Avoid getting into heavy drinking as you know how this is going to affect your health.
  • Recognize your triggers that are making your move to drinking. Know what kind of actions, emotions, or people are making your move to alcohol consumption. This way you can lower your chances of moving to drink
  • Avoid any emotional drinking. You need to know how to control your emotions.
  • Talk to your loved ones or someone you trust about your concerns and ask for help.
  • In very difficult cases, you can get rid of all the alcohol from your house.

Most importantly, create an environment of positivity around you so that you do not get into this habit of drinking.

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